I couldn't love them more

We have been home from Illinois for 9 days and only tonight did I finally sit down to upload pictures from our trip--yes, I know, my P365 is going to be a nightmare to catch up on.  I have been watching some Olympics and I realized the other morning as I was getting ready that I kind of feel like any number of athletes that I have seen over the last couple of weeks--you know the ones who walk around muttering things to themselves, staring but not really seeing what is right in front of them, reminding themselves of what they know, what they need to do, mentally checking things off their list--that is how I feel minus the Olympic athlete part.  School starts next week and it is overwhelming ( honestly, that does not really seem like a big enough word) when I think about what still probably needs to be done....my mother got to help me through a minor emotional breakdown earlier this week that, in hindsight, was pretty hilarious.  I am at turns excited and nauseated, but mostly excited...I think....  It will definitely be an exercise in faith for me.  I have a little packet of verses on ring that a friend gave to me and I have taken to carrying it around the house with me and flipping through it until I find just the right note of encouragement for me.  There are moments where I just feel so inadequate for the task ahead and I am so thankful for the many encouragers I have around me and for God's grace that is helping me day by day.

Back to the pictures....I just started going through them and hadn't even made it through the photos from our first night there when I had to upload them and share.  We were sitting on my parents' back porch after the kids all ridden the horses with my dad and my dad was telling stories about raccoon traps and oh my stars, do you think these kids were having fun?


They were totally captivated by his tales of trapping the raccoons.  Right where their eyes were focused--that was my dad.


And this one--I am so super in love with, I can't even express it--this is why I take pictures, because I can still hear their laughter and questions and feel the breeze when I look at this picture:


And if there is anyone they love like their Grandpa, it is their cousin Camden: 20120726-DSC_7583.jpg

I still have another 300 or so pictures to go through from our trip, but just seeing these tonight did my heart some good. 

We have a wedding to go to in the morning and then Micah is planning some major studying (Step 2 Boards are coming up on August 27) and I am going to try to not do any school work.  The boys and I have some errands--some fun, some just plain necessary--but I have asked them to leave me to my books way too many times than I like this past week and so I am hoping to enjoy some fun time with them before my babies little guys start first grade.


I just put your name on my prayer list. I will be praying for you as you start the school year. The students are so fortunate to have someone like you to stand before them. You are going to be great!

And, I love, love, love the photos of your boys listening to their Grandpa...precious memories.

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