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two photos

Just wanted to pop in here and post a couple of photos.  Last week was Spirit Week for Football Homecoming at school (side note: apparently, they have football and basketball homecoming--we didn't have football at my school growing up, so I don't know if this is normal or not).  Thursday was Crazy Hair Day and the boys have never let me do anything crazy to their hair.  They are so funny, they never want it spiky, one time when they were getting a hair cut, the stylist put some colored gel on their hair and they were horrified/embarrassed the rest of the day.  So, you can imagine my surprise when they actually wanted me to make their hair 'crazy' last week and they even posed for a quick photo before we left for school:

Then, last weekend some very dear friends from Nashville were in town and we got to spend a few hours with them:

In other news, Micah received his first set of board scores:  passed with flying colors (yay!) and he leaves on Sunday for a month out of to…

Wednesday's Words

Last fall, I went through Beth Moore's Stepping Up through the Psalms Bible study with a group of ladies at church.  It is a study of the Psalms of Ascent (Psalm 120-134)--these were songs (psalms) that the Israelites sang as they were on their pilgrimages to their annual festivals.  In her application in the first lesson,  Beth talked about how we are all pilgrims and how many of us are in a place (maybe a season of life, family situation, etc) that we might not want to stay in and that these were Psalms/songs that we could 'sing' as we are on our way.   There are some much loved Psalms in that group and my Bible has notes written and words underlined in many of them.  The very last teaching session was all about coming to the end of the pilgrimage and she ended reading verses from Isaiah 35:1-10.  I remember coming to the end of the study and not being able to really put into words how that study had ministered to my heart at that very season of my life and how very prec…

I love brothers

I have thanked God countless times for giving my sweet boys the gift of being a twin and not just a twin, but brothers.  They have so much fun together and it just melts my heart when I see how much they enjoy each other.  Although we are definitely getting to the age where they don't always just simply agree with one another and are starting to notice differences in abilities in different areas (which is fine--they are individuals); for the most part, they still get along really really well.  Tonight after supper, they wanted to go for a run. ( I have no idea where they get these ideas)  I figured that we might as well--it would be good for all of us to have some exercise.  They literally ran almost a mile and did it almost without stopping.  I did not run it without stopping.  They were so funny though and when we got home and they collapsed on the porch, I had to go and get my camera.

I love that last one--check out Xavier's even more toothless grin!! He lost another tooth…

P365--still making it

When the craziness of school began, I started to get really nervous about how this whole photo a day project was going to turn out. I was already kind of behind and then I was finding that there were days when I was barely remembering what day it was much less whether or not I had documented that day with an actual photo.  A few weeks ago, I sat down and just started filling in the photos that I knew for sure that I had and then as I had time, I would go back through and look on my phone, look on Micah's phone for photos.  And this weekend, I managed to get completely caught up all the way through this past Friday....and I am slowly but surely getting into more of a routine and grabbing the camera for little shots of life as we continue our transition.  So, here is a quick look back at the last couple of months--I didn't take the time to copy and paste all of the text.  Mom, you will just have to read it when I get the book printed! And I also managed to completely forget in J…

Where to start?

It has been approximately two weeks since I updated my blog and so much has happened that I hardly know where to start.

First, Micah's days of testing seemed to go well. He won't know his results for a few more weeks yet, but I think that it is safe to say that he is more than happy to be done and to not have that weight on his shoulders any more.

A week ago Friday afternoon (8/31), I quickly posted my lesson plans and ran through the grocery store to pick up a few things before picking up the boys and making the mad dash home to clean like crazy until my parents arrived. I wasn't necessarily worried about making the place spotless, just didn't really want it to be disgusting either.  I had had a particularly difficult last hour of teaching and was so ready for my parents' visit.  There is just something so calming and reassuring to me to see them, to sit with them and just talk, and I was ready to enjoy the weekend with them.  

Several weeks ago, maybe months real…