P365--still making it

When the craziness of school began, I started to get really nervous about how this whole photo a day project was going to turn out. I was already kind of behind and then I was finding that there were days when I was barely remembering what day it was much less whether or not I had documented that day with an actual photo.  A few weeks ago, I sat down and just started filling in the photos that I knew for sure that I had and then as I had time, I would go back through and look on my phone, look on Micah's phone for photos.  And this weekend, I managed to get completely caught up all the way through this past Friday....and I am slowly but surely getting into more of a routine and grabbing the camera for little shots of life as we continue our transition.  So, here is a quick look back at the last couple of months--I didn't take the time to copy and paste all of the text.  Mom, you will just have to read it when I get the book printed! And I also managed to completely forget in July and August to take a photo of the boys with their little chalkboards--oh well, I am contenting myself with different photos for my title pages--at least I have title pages, right?


Christine said…
You have some really great pages in there! I'm so behind, I'm scared to start my catch-up. Sigh...

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