Ah, Fall Break

The boys and I have been enjoying fall break for the last couple of days and I am not going to lie--it has been great!  I have managed to get lesson planning done, seasonal clothing changed out of our closets, a few pages digitally scrapbooked, caught up on some sleep, took the boys and their cousin to the zoo, cleaned my house, and even had my in-laws over for lunch.  And now, I am attempting to blog...feels like a pretty successful fall break to me.  I just went back and looked to see when the last time I posted was and realized that it has been nearly a month.  Just busy times for us as we have been managing life here in Oklahoma while Micah is working in St. Louis. 

I think that I will just give a few bullet points from my day last Tuesday:
  • got up at my usual 5:15 to prepare for a busy day that would include 1st hour class, leading my first field trip to a French opera and lunch afterward, last hour 6th grade French followed by parent/teacher conferences from 3:15-8:00
  • managed to survive the morning craziness of getting the boys to school (with their backpacks, lunches, and soccer gear since their aunt was going to be taking care of their after school activities)
  • during the 30 minutes or so that I am at my school before class starts, I am running around, making copies and making sure my substitute folders are all in order.  I start to feel a bit 'off' and am kind of feeling like maybe I could pass out, a little nauseated and maybe more than a bit 'off'.  
  • head down to the office to chat with the receptionist/nurse and during said chat, I realize that during my daily ritual of taking my vitamins and hormone blocker that I mistakenly took my sleeping medication in place of my hormone blocker.....and I begin to understand why I am feeling a bit 'off'.
  • proceeded to 'survive' my first hour class, although survive might be a strong term for it.  I am pretty sure that my students found my highly humorous.
  • took my French class to a performance of a French opera and managed to stay awake through it, despite that sleeping pill.
  • went to lunch where it took forever to be served and eventually realized that I was not going to back for my last hour French class and I had not made preparations for that.  Thankfully, another teacher took those students for me.
  • barely made it back to school for my first conference at 3:15 and while I had started the day thinking that I was only going to have a few conferences in that  5 hour block and had grandiose ideas about planning my lessons through Thanksgiving, I actually ended up with about 14 conferences.
  • I left school at 8 pm, realizing as I walked out the door that I would be back in less than 12 hours.
  • went and picked up the boys and collapsed at home.
Fortunately, not all of my days have been that crazy. 

I have mostly struggled with sleep while Micah has been gone which has made for some pretty exhausting days.  We are so ready for him to be back home again.  He will actually be home for this coming weekend when he has an interview for the ENT residency program here in Tulsa on Friday/Saturday--prayers for that are greatly appreciated.  He does have to go back to St. Louis for a few days before coming home at the end of the month. 

I feel like there are lots of stories to tell, but it is almost 10 and reality is hitting again tomorrow.  So, I will just post a couple of recent layouts along with a video from the zoo this weekend.

I have often said that I feel like our zoo is like a long lost friend to the boys.  We have had a zoo membership for the last several years and it is close enough that we have been able to go for an hour or two on an afternoon and call it good.  We have been often enough that they know just where everything is and they normally run from exhibit to exhibit.  One of their favorite places is  the exhibit with the Siamang monkeys.  The zoo has a little area set up where you can hear how the monkeys 'howl' and you can practice that 'howl'.  Normally, these monkeys are high up in some trees and we rarely see them, and so the boys were thrilled to see they were down where we could see them.  The boys wasted no time trying to communicate with them:

Here is hoping that it won't be a month before I update the blog again, especially since I feel like I am forgetting funny little stories about the boys since I am not always writing them down regularly.


Amy said…
Oh my goodness, Becky! A sleeping pill? I would have just curled up in a corner somewhere! I don't know how you were able to function. Hope these last few days until Micah comes home passes quickly! Love you, my friend!

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