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Twas' the Friday before Christmas

This last week has been one crazy week.  I am not sure why I always seem to forget just how busy the holiday season is.  It frustrates me on one hand, because I so want to slow down and remember why we do all of this and I have found a few moments here and there, and in general, I feel less stressed (although my family may find this hard to believe).  So, this week has been Christmas choir program at church, semester finals for me at school (each of my classes had a 2-2.5 hour block of time with me!), the boys' Christmas program along with their cousin's--one at 6 PM the other at 7:30 PM, the boys' school party, a visit to the Christmas train, a doctors' appointment for me, and of course, the endless finalizing of grocery shopping and preparations for Christmas.  Micah and I did get the presents wrapped on Sunday night, so the bottom of our tree isn't quite as lonely as it was this time last week. 

The first few days of this week included me running wildly from eve…

Weekend update

Micah made it home from his last out of town rotation until March (which is also his very last rotation) on Friday night and there was great rejoicing in our house.  He is working locally with his dad next week, then we are heading to see my family for Christmas.  He brought home these yummy cupcakes from a very fancy cupcake shop in Joplin.
There were two Death by Chocolates, one Red Velvet, and one Caramel Pumpkin Pecan--all of them were amazing and a perfect end to a very hectic week. 

Micah and I just got home from spending the day at our church's Toys for Tots event.  I don't know what the final numbers were, but they were expecting close to 2000 people to come through.  It was exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.  I worked with the hospitality team last year and again this year and it was a joy to be a part of such a great effort.  I was also so thankful that Micah got to volunteer with me.  Because of his school schedule and how different our lives have bee…

Thankful Thursday

Oh, yes, I am bringing back Thankful Thursday, because it helps me to remember to be grateful and I love looking back and seeing the little (as well as the big) things that bring me joy.

borrowing shepherd's costumes from the boys K-5 teacher so I don't have to buy (or make) new onesa relatively mild last few months that results in low electric bills (no need for air) and low gas bills (no need for heat)the end of a semester looming nearwhen the boys make up actions to go along with Scripture they are memorizingfor their sheer joy and love for music and singingMicah ends his out of town rotation tomorrow and will be home (working locally) for the rest
of the year (and January--I think).  Life is better when he is home.the pretty twinkle of Christmas lightsChristmas musicHot tea on a very sore throat.The Psalms of Ascent and the Bible study I did last year that keeps returning to speak truth into my heart.The boys' Christmas program from church on Sunday--don't worry it …

Wednesday's Words

I am going to try to remember all the sweet and funny things the boys have been saying lately:
"my foot is fuzzing"--they have said this for the last few years--it means their foot has gone to sleep, I'm not sure where 'fuzzing' came from, but it has managed to stick.the boys are convinced that I have a food blog.  How do they even know what a food blog is?  But, they do their momma's heart good every time I cook something that is (literally) not that big of a deal and they ask me to take pictures of it and put it on my 'food blog'.  They also really think that I should have a cooking show and write a cookbook.  They want to call it "Four Thumbs Up"--because when I cook, I like to get four thumbs up (you know, two from each of them).How many six  year olds do you know that LOVE to eat crispy kale?  The other night, we were having kale along with these little chicken cream cheese hot pockets and Xavier starts crumbling his third helping of kal…

So I don't forget

According to blogger, it has been since October 21st since I posted on the ol' blog.  To be honest, life has been crazy.  Micah has had crazy rotations, the boys have had soccer and school, my teaching has taken up huge chunks of time, and there have been many things that have taken a back seat to just being able to tread water.  And blogging has been one of those things that hasn't even been in the back seat, I have hardly even thought about it.  But as I was talking to my sister today, I realized that I need to start blogging again just for my own personal benefit, because it helps me to record things that I don't want to forget. And I have too poor of a memory to trust myself to actually remember things without writing them down.  So, I am going to start trying to be better about it, because the fact of the matter is that one of these days, life might not be so crazy and when we think back on the fall/winter of 2012, I want to be able to remember what happened.

I ended …