Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Oh, yes, I am bringing back Thankful Thursday, because it helps me to remember to be grateful and I love looking back and seeing the little (as well as the big) things that bring me joy.

  • borrowing shepherd's costumes from the boys K-5 teacher so I don't have to buy (or make) new ones
  • a relatively mild last few months that results in low electric bills (no need for air) and low gas bills (no need for heat)
  • the end of a semester looming near
  • when the boys make up actions to go along with Scripture they are memorizing
  • for their sheer joy and love for music and singing
  • Micah ends his out of town rotation tomorrow and will be home (working locally) for the rest
    of the year (and January--I think).  Life is better when he is home.
  • the pretty twinkle of Christmas lights
  • Christmas music
  • Hot tea on a very sore throat.
  • The Psalms of Ascent and the Bible study I did last year that keeps returning to speak truth into my heart.
  • The boys' Christmas program from church on Sunday--don't worry it is only a few minutes long! Xavier is the child in the front row in the red sweater and William right next to him (the one with the itch on his leg.)

1 comment:

Melissa said...

So cute. I don't know if its just the camera angle, but Xavier looks like a head taller than William.