Twas' the Friday before Christmas

This last week has been one crazy week.  I am not sure why I always seem to forget just how busy the holiday season is.  It frustrates me on one hand, because I so want to slow down and remember why we do all of this and I have found a few moments here and there, and in general, I feel less stressed (although my family may find this hard to believe).  So, this week has been Christmas choir program at church, semester finals for me at school (each of my classes had a 2-2.5 hour block of time with me!), the boys' Christmas program along with their cousin's--one at 6 PM the other at 7:30 PM, the boys' school party, a visit to the Christmas train, a doctors' appointment for me, and of course, the endless finalizing of grocery shopping and preparations for Christmas.  Micah and I did get the presents wrapped on Sunday night, so the bottom of our tree isn't quite as lonely as it was this time last week. 

The first few days of this week included me running wildly from event to event, dropping mail, papers, and gifts from my students on the counter, and Micah sweetly working to keep the counters somewhat clean, only to have another explosion on them as we swept through again.  I was taking every spare moment to grade tests and projects in order to be finished by the time I left on Wednesday.  I finally finished about 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon in time for us to leave at 4:45 to go with his family to the Christmas Train.  This morning, I am tackling the kitchen so that I can do some Christmas baking in earnest.  I had grand plans to simplify this area of my Christmas, but honestly I haven't pared down much.  It is something that makes Christmas "Christmas" to me. 

Last Sunday was our church's choir program.  They performed a musical arranged by Travis Cottrell called Peace, Hope, and Joy.  There were a couple of songs that just spoke right into my heart and I was so thankful for our choir.

These are the words to the song "Mercy Come In"  that is just achingly beautiful.  I couldn't find an audio of it anywhere, but the words were so powerful to me. 

Oh hand of God
Lead me through this valley
Where roads are long and shadows deep

Oh Word of God
Light the way before me
Your every promise carries me

In tribulation
I'm not forsaken

Mercy come in
Shatter my darkness
And flood my soul
with hope and rest

My heart is heavy
Peace overwhelm me
Cover me again
Mercy come in

Oh breathe of God
Helper of the helpless
breathe life into these weary bones

Oh love of God
love that never fails me
Oh love that will not let me go

My soul is needing
A healing only you can bring

Mercy come in
Shatter my darkness
and flood my soul
with hope and rest
My heart is heavy
Peace overwhelm me
Cover me again
Mercy come in

And finally, a few photos from my phone from this week:

 Cutest. shepherds. ever.

 at the boys school party.

 When I got there, the kids were all outside.  They came in and Xavier didn't see me, he walks in, sits down, pulls out his book and starts reading--this happens alot from what I hear.

 On our way to the Christmas train.  Beautiful Oklahoma sky in the side mirror.

 The boys and their cousins about ready to go on their first ever Go Kart rides--it was all fun until they didn't quite hit the brakes hard enough coming back in, almost took out the guy working the ride, and then totally slammed into each other.

My favorite thing to do at Christmas: deliver Christmas goodies and sing "We wish you a merry Christmas"

Finally a little video of the boys and their cousin (who is kind of hidden playing the piano) helping their Grandma out for a little Wednesday night program:


Melissa said…
Way to go, boys!

And the lyrics of that song made me cry.
Amy said…
Precious video!! Love their enthusiastic singing!

Those song lyrics are beautiful. I would love to hear the song. Thanks for sharing them!
Junebug said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Junebug said…
Mercy Come In.. Audio

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