Wednesday's Words

I am going to try to remember all the sweet and funny things the boys have been saying lately:
  • "my foot is fuzzing"--they have said this for the last few years--it means their foot has gone to sleep, I'm not sure where 'fuzzing' came from, but it has managed to stick.
  • the boys are convinced that I have a food blog.  How do they even know what a food blog is?  But, they do their momma's heart good every time I cook something that is (literally) not that big of a deal and they ask me to take pictures of it and put it on my 'food blog'.  
  • They also really think that I should have a cooking show and write a cookbook.  They want to call it "Four Thumbs Up"--because when I cook, I like to get four thumbs up (you know, two from each of them).
  • How many six  year olds do you know that LOVE to eat crispy kale?  The other night, we were having kale along with these little chicken cream cheese hot pockets and Xavier starts crumbling his third helping of kale up to sprinkle over the top of his chicken.  Then, he looks at me and says, "you should add this to your book and then say, 'Xavier had this idea'."
  • The boys are learning part of Luke 2 this month and instead of saying "and they were greatly afraid", they keep saying "and they were gratefully afraid."
  • Xavier's favorite way to let me know he likes something: "I'm lovin' it" except he still says 'love' like 'lahve'--cracks me up.
  • Every time the boys pray, they ask that God would let us stay here and not have to move.  

Basically, the boys never stop talking.  Micah insists that they get this from me.  I asked my mom if I was chatty as a kid.  She hesitated for a moment and said, 'um, yes, I kind of remember that.'  So, alas, I guess I must have been fairly chatty for my mom to remember it--she has a notoriously bad memory, which all of us girls have inherited.


joelsgirl said…
That is so adorable that they talk about your food blog. : ) No wonder they love things like kale; they have an awesome mother who feeds them good food. I'm so glad you're blogging again! I've misse dyou.
Monica said…
LOL! I LOVE both their book idea AND their name for it...that's awesome! It's wonderful that they like to eat your cooking and think it's great enough for sharing with others. I've had two different sets of brothers tell me in the last two years how much they hate eating at home because they don't like their Mom's cooking. You must be doing quite well! :)
Amy said…
If there is anyone who should have a food blog, show, and book, it is you, Becky! I definitely read and watch! :)
Vicky said…
Seriously- they just melt me- so cute! And- I think the whole cookbook and calling it 4 thumbs up is a stroke of genius. Tell them I'd like an autographed copy please :)
You MUST do the book! The title is priceless. You could combine all the funny stories and sayings and pictures of the boys over the years. Do it!

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