In their own words..

So, my boys turned seven today. I am not sure how that happened since just yesterday, this was them:

This afternoon, I snapped this photo on my phone of them on their brand new bikes:

And then, like last year, I took a video asking them some questions.
and William:

Hopefully, I will be back over the weekend with a catch up post. We have been sick since Christmas and let me just tell you, it has not been fun!


JT Bailey said…
I remember holding these little guys when they were babies at a MO Mission Conference - how quickly they are growing up!
Tia Dunaway said…
Such sweet amazing boys! Happy birthday to them! And love to their mommy!
Vicky said…
Happy 7th Birthday to William and Xavier! Those are definitely "big boy" bikes- they just grow up too darn fast. I love the video interviews- great idea- I'd be hard pressed to corner either of my boys for more than a few seconds so this is a treat to see!
theredpumpkin said…
Love the videos! Every January I'm reminded how close Andrew is in age to William and Xavier. Sure wish we could've gotten together with y'all. Even 6 months wasn't enough time to do it all! I hope your boys enjoy those books! Andrew only knows how to read in Spanish so these books I read to him out loud. I enjoy it as much as he does. I need to find some chapter books in Spanish that he enjoys but I don't know if he is there yet to read that much by himself. We are rejoicing with you all about a chemo break for Melissa!
Besos from Spain hope you are still enjoying your teaching job!

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