A few thoughts

Just a few thoughts to get me back on the blogging road again.

Clearly, I have been on a bit of a blogging break.  I told Micah yesterday that I felt like I had been sick pretty  much the entire month of January (to which he laughed and told me that I HAD been sick the entire month of January).  I am still struggling to get over the gunk that I came down with right after Christmas.  Last Sunday at church, when I opened my mouth to sing, a sound actually came out which I counted as a victory.  Of course, it was a good octave below my normal range, but hey small victories, right?  Yesterday was a bit better even.  Back when I was in college, I had a bout with bronchitis (or some other -itis) that ended up with me having a broken rib from coughing so hard.  A few weeks ago, I began to feel that exact same pain in the exact same spot and feared that I had re-fractured that rib.  After an x-ray didn't show any visible fractures, my doctor told me that she thought that I had some pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the lung) and maybe a touch of adult RSV--which takes a good six weeks to clear up.  Well, after almost two weeks of regular doses of pain and cold medication, I am happy to report that my voice is very close to being back to normal and it doesn't cause immense pain to take a deep breath.

January is normally one of my least favorite months of the year--mostly because it always seems to drag on forever after the hectic holiday season, it is cold and dreary, etc.  While Christmas seems like ages ago, January seemed to go by fairly quickly and it is hard to believe that we are into the first full week of February.

We are on the countdown to the Match at our house.  And yes, that is the Match with a capital 'M'.  At the end of your fourth year of medical school, you make applications for residency programs (Internal Medicine, Surgery, OB, etc.).  Normally, you interview at these programs and maybe do an audition rotation there (basically a month of work where you see how you like the program and also show them what a great worker you are).  Then, at the end of January, you log into a computer program and rank your top programs based on where you want to complete your medical training.  Those programs also then go into a computer program and rank the students that they would like to come and train with their program.  Then, the Match takes place.  If your rank list 'matches' with a residency's rank list, then you are 'matched' to that residency and you have pretty much signed a contract to go and complete your education there (anywhere from 3-5 years).  It is a rather convoluted system and fairly confusing for those who are in the midst of it, much less those who are just friends or family of the med student.  Micah graduates from school in May and then residency starts July 1.  So, where we will be spending the next 3-5 years depends on what takes place next Monday February 11.  In general, we both are feeling at peace about it.  We will mostly be thankful just to know where we will be.  I have been feeling like I can't make any future plans past May because we really don't know where we will be.  A good possibility exists that we will be able to stay right where we are, but the possibility also exists that we will be packing up our house, trying to sell it, and looking for a new place to live.

And, hello, can anyone else believe that this May my husband is graduating from medical school?  Some days, it feels like he has been in school forever, and other days, it feels like just yesterday he was getting a phone call in Target and getting his white coat.  I look back and just think how faithful God has been, because it has been a journey.

Yes, I have more things to say because I haven't blogged in forever, but for now, I will just post a few layouts that I have managed to do over the last few weeks, because my mom might enjoy seeing them!

I have started documenting our year using the Project Life system this year and am loving it. Hopefully, I will get around to sharing those soon as well.


Amy said…
I was just thinking this morning that I hoped you were doing okay because you haven't blogged in such a long time. I was thrilled to see a post from you come up in my reader! So sorry you have been so sick and I hope you are finally on the mend. I'll be praying about The Match. Can't wait to hear the news! Love you!
I will definitely be praying about the Match. (Sounds kind of "teen fantasy thriller" novel.) Sorry that you have been so sick.

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