Tuesday Tidbits

I thought I would borrow my sister's Tuesday Tidbits ritual and post a few things since I have a bit of time on my hands while I am waiting in the hospital for my dad to be released after his open heart surgery last Thursday.

  • My spring break started early last week and I have been thankful that I haven't had to 'worry' over my classes while I have been in Illinois.
  • I talked to the boys last night and William told me that their daddy has been 'spoiling' them while they are on spring break.  When I asked how, he said "letting us stay up and stuff...well, that is pretty much it."  I am fairly certain that there has been more 'spoiling' than that going on.
  • I am very grateful that his work schedule allowed him to be able to take care of the boys and also that he is so willing to let me be gone for as long as I need to be.
  • I can hardly believe that it is already the middle of March--I am not sure where this year has disappeared to.
  • Melissa and I made a pact that we would scrapbook our 'favorites' each month.  So far, it has taken me almost to the following month to get my page done, but here they are in all their 'glory'. Can I just mention that I hate photos of myself?

  • I keep thinking I will get back to regular posting, but so far, that has clearly not happened.  Soon, maybe.  Although I am thinking that my blog had become something of a journal/reflection place for me and since the beginning of the year, I have been keeping an actual journal and so maybe that is why I have been quieter on the blog front.
  • I have adopted the Project Life style of scrapbooking/Project 365 and I am loving it so much.  I realize that it is the third week of March, but here are my first few pages for the year. 

  • We are currently waiting for the doctor to make his rounds to my dad's room and hoping that he is going to get to go home this afternoon.  I am so incredibly thankful to have been able to spend this last week here in Illinois with my family and am even more thankful that the doctors discovered the blockages in my dad's heart and were able to do the bypass surgery.


Melissa said…
Well, look at you blogging! William cracked me up with his spoiling story.
Amy said…
Yay!! A post from you! ;) Love that first picture of you...so beautiful! I've been waiting to hear where Micah will do his residency since you're last post. Hope you both were happy with the match!
So good to see an update from you! Glad that you are getting to stay close to your mom and dad. The pages are great!!
theredpumpkin said…
I'm also glad to see a post from you! I LOVE the first picture of you too! Beautiful! So glad you could all be there with your dad. What a blessing! The boys are adorable and I'm going to listen to the music videos as soon as my kids wake up. :)

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