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This week

I hope that each of you are still sitting in your chairs, but I am posting two days in a row (which is a 2013 blogging record for me!).

A few weeks back, I was looking through some old scrapbooks and filling in some gaps in my albums and I came across these layouts from Micah's White Coat Ceremony:

Back then, medical school was in the future, there were so many unknowns about what it would look like, how he would survive, how we would survive.  I have found myself on the brink of emotional breakdowns throughout the last few weeks as I look ahead to this Friday night:

It is just so hard to believe that it is here and it is all really happening. Medical School is behind us, we are not naive and believe that there isn't a long road ahead through residency (and potentially fellowship), but it feels like a pretty big accomplishment is about to take place this week.  We have family coming in and school events ahead this week before graduation and then a party to give on Saturday mor…

Happy Mother's Day

I was talking to my sister last night and she was telling me that my sweet nephew Camden was wanting to check my blog to see if I had posted anything but she said she had to tell him that she felt quite certain that there wasn't anything new.  I keep wanting to post, but the sheer  amount of 'catch-up' that seems necessary feels pretty overwhelming to me. But I had some quiet time this afternoon and decided to edit a couple of photos and post a few thoughts about Mother's Day and moms in general.

First off, I just went back and looked a few Mother's Day photos from previous years:

First of all, can we talk about how tall my boys are getting?  And I am confident that I have photos from previous the missing years, but I couldn't find them very quickly.  My day has been sweet and filled with lots of hugs and kisses.  Micah cooked a delicious meal for all of the Derby women--an Italian Pot Roast with a super awesome sauce, broccoli salad, mashed potatoes, green sal…