Happy Mother's Day

I was talking to my sister last night and she was telling me that my sweet nephew Camden was wanting to check my blog to see if I had posted anything but she said she had to tell him that she felt quite certain that there wasn't anything new.  I keep wanting to post, but the sheer  amount of 'catch-up' that seems necessary feels pretty overwhelming to me. But I had some quiet time this afternoon and decided to edit a couple of photos and post a few thoughts about Mother's Day and moms in general.

First off, I just went back and looked a few Mother's Day photos from previous years:






First of all, can we talk about how tall my boys are getting?  And I am confident that I have photos from previous the missing years, but I couldn't find them very quickly.  My day has been sweet and filled with lots of hugs and kisses.  Micah cooked a delicious meal for all of the Derby women--an Italian Pot Roast with a super awesome sauce, broccoli salad, mashed potatoes, green salad, and homemade apple pie for dessert.  I am so proud of the example that he sets for his two boys.  The boys wrote me letters yesterday telling me how much they love me and then had made a very cute little handprint craft at school.  The best thing about my day was probably the fact that my boys both came to  big church to sit with me and sang their hearts out during worship time and then discussed the sermon with me on the way home applying it to their lives.  This mom's heart is so full when I see my children owning their faith.  

I have thought so much today about how grateful I am to my own mom for the example that she set for us.  I am thankful for some very special friends who inspire me to be a better mom.  I am thankful for sisters who share the joys and the difficulties of motherhood. And I am thankful for some wonderful Christian women (with children older than mine) that God has placed in my life who are such an encouragement and example to me of how to continue to be a mom that trains her children in the Lord. As they sang their little hearts out this morning, I couldn't help but have tears come to my eyes as I asked the Lord to keep their hearts tender to His Words and to always hunger and thirst after righteousness and desire to praise Him with their lips.

Happy Mother's Day to each mother out there. It is hard work, but it is good work.


LaCombe said…
You are beautiful!!! Hope you had a great Mother's Day.
listgirl said…
Happy belated Mother's Day, Becky! I loved seeing all these photos on Mother's Day. What a blessing! And the boys really ARE getting so tall!

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