This week

I hope that each of you are still sitting in your chairs, but I am posting two days in a row (which is a 2013 blogging record for me!).

A few weeks back, I was looking through some old scrapbooks and filling in some gaps in my albums and I came across these layouts from Micah's White Coat Ceremony:

Back then, medical school was in the future, there were so many unknowns about what it would look like, how he would survive, how we would survive.  I have found myself on the brink of emotional breakdowns throughout the last few weeks as I look ahead to this Friday night:

It is just so hard to believe that it is here and it is all really happening. Medical School is behind us, we are not naive and believe that there isn't a long road ahead through residency (and potentially fellowship), but it feels like a pretty big accomplishment is about to take place this week.  We have family coming in and school events ahead this week before graduation and then a party to give on Saturday morning.  Micah keeps telling me I am stressing about it all too much and I probably am, but I am also thrilled for my husband and for our family.  It has been hard work for everyone involved, but God has been so faithful and provided for us each step of the way.

Side note about Micah's white coat ceremony from four years ago--the boys really did make quite the impression on everyone when they yelled out "hey that's my daddy and he got a white coat" during the ceremony. I can't tell you how many of Micah's classmates have referenced that when I have met them through the years.

Hope you have a great week--you probably won't hear from me again this week. But, I definitely plan to be back and blogging this summer and sharing pictures from this week.  Since Micah's dad is also an osteopathic physician, he actually gets to take part in the graduation ceremony and 'hood' Micah when he receives his degree.  I am so proud of Micah and am looking forward to this week!


Anonymous said…
Becky, Camden and I are both thrilled to see your posts. It is a treat, because I can't imagine your busy schedule. Thanks for keeeping us updated as you can, and we pray for a wonderful week of celebrations, and the future for this doctor and his family. Love you, Gma E.
Joyce said…
Proud, so proud!
Tia Dunaway said…
Congrats Micah!!!!
LaCombe said…
Congrats to Micah! Proud of you and the boys as well for the strength and patience God has given you through these years! Love ya!
thehsmomof3 said…
I am so happy for your family this week. What a milestone! It's also so good to read your blog again! :-)
MayoMomma said…
WOW. It's finally here! I am so proud of you Micah!

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