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More Illinois Stories

I have been going through my photos from last week and the cuteness is just TOO much!
Check out this sweet girl--she calls me Aunt Ba, or just "Ba", but whatever, I will take it.

She had some cute sidekicks for the week too:

And as if the video weren't enough proof of William's great desire to find the cats, let me show a few photos.  You have to go fast though, because those cats don't stay in one place very long and neither did William.
Climbing in and out of the hay bales (they discovered they could 'escape' by scampering up the back side of the bales of hay where 7 yr olds couldn't find them):

Oh wait, I guess I can pose for a quick photo:

They spent a good bit of time in this area, banging on those walls trying to scare the kittens out of their hiding places:

..and running over here to see where they might be hiding out...

He asked me to take this picture:

My sister Liz had a monitor so that she could listen in on Addison during her naps and at …

The countdown

Well, I am feeling like the countdown is on for getting back to school.  That 'countdown' definitely comes with quite a bit of trepidation mixed with self doubt and a good dose of worry thrown in for good measure.  I have still have two and a half weeks before I have to report back, but after a meeting this evening and finding out what my class schedule will most likely look like, I am feeling the pit in the bottom of my stomach that was oh-so-present last fall.  Two classes I have taught before and two new classes.  Almost everything that is in me says, 'there is no possible way you can do this AND do a good job' and the realistic grounded part of me reminds me that it is going to be hard work and that alone I CAN'T do it, so it is really good thing that I am not doing it alone. We sang in church this morning "I lift my eyes up, my help comes from the Lord."

In an effort to get my mind off of school, I edited a few more pictures from our trip to Illinoi…

Talking about the "Cats"

The boys and I just got back from a trip to Illinois to visit my parents where there was all manner of good times enjoyed by all.  While there, my mom and sister encouraged me to start blogging again and so I am going to make an attempt. (yes, I really can see all three of you who read this blog rolling your eyes, because've heard this before, right?)
We laughed, we drank coffee, we solved the world's problems, and we packed as much as possible into the 6 days that we were there.  One of William's favorite activity's was trying very hard to catch and pet the cats in my dad's barn.  A little back story, back on May 12, my dad sent a picture of some newborn kittens to all of his grandkids.  My boys had a pretty intense conversation on what the names of these kittens should be and finally settled on Bat, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Squirrel, and Snowy.  So, immediately after arriving and having dinner, we headed out to the barn where the boys always hel…

Project Life Catch Up

For the last couple of months, I have been majorly behind on Project Life and there had been so many big momentous occasions, that the thought of sitting down to actually tackle the project was too overwhelming and there were too many other things to do.  But, since Micah is officially working (as of July 1), we have a lot more time on our hands and getting caught up on Project Life was up first on my agenda of things to do.

I can't really remember when I have even posted last, so I am just going to throw quite a few weeks on here.