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I have been going through my photos from last week and the cuteness is just TOO much!

Check out this sweet girl--she calls me Aunt Ba, or just "Ba", but whatever, I will take it.

She had some cute sidekicks for the week too:

And as if the video weren't enough proof of William's great desire to find the cats, let me show a few photos.  You have to go fast though, because those cats don't stay in one place very long and neither did William.

Climbing in and out of the hay bales (they discovered they could 'escape' by scampering up the back side of the bales of hay where 7 yr olds couldn't find them):

Oh wait, I guess I can pose for a quick photo:

They spent a good bit of time in this area, banging on those walls trying to scare the kittens out of their hiding places:

..and running over here to see where they might be hiding out...

He asked me to take this picture:

My sister Liz had a monitor so that she could listen in on Addison during her naps and at night, William was endlessly enthralled by this.  He would just go and sit in front of it and listen.  One night, he came to me and said, "that monitor thing is AWESOME. I really wish we had one at our house."  
To which I replied, "why is that, buddy?"
"well, so I can talk to you when I am in my room and not yell"

This afternoon, he walked through the living room where I was editing photos and saw this one and said, "man, I really wish we had one of those.  I really do."

Uncle Matt is such a good sport--playing tag with Xavier our first night there.

I am not sure who was having more fun, Uncle Matt or Xavier.

It just does my heart good to look through these photos and relive the stories.  I am so thankful that we made the trip to my parents' house.  Precious, precious memories.  

Finally, two last photos:

William (top photo) is looking at this year's Project Life book (notice how full it is--I am totally going to need a second binder).   Anyway, as he makes his way through it, he says, "hmm...I get why this is called Project Life--it's like your LIFE in a book."  Yep, buddy, that is exactly what it is.

Xavier (bottom) had grabbed last year's photobook and was painstakingly reading through every page.  
That right there, is exactly why I do this.  They love to read their story and I hope they read how much I love them in every single page.


Monica said…
:) You got some awesome shots! And I think you should get William either a monitor or a set of walkie talkies for Christmas.

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