The countdown

Well, I am feeling like the countdown is on for getting back to school.  That 'countdown' definitely comes with quite a bit of trepidation mixed with self doubt and a good dose of worry thrown in for good measure.  I have still have two and a half weeks before I have to report back, but after a meeting this evening and finding out what my class schedule will most likely look like, I am feeling the pit in the bottom of my stomach that was oh-so-present last fall.  Two classes I have taught before and two new classes.  Almost everything that is in me says, 'there is no possible way you can do this AND do a good job' and the realistic grounded part of me reminds me that it is going to be hard work and that alone I CAN'T do it, so it is really good thing that I am not doing it alone. We sang in church this morning "I lift my eyes up, my help comes from the Lord."

In an effort to get my mind off of school, I edited a few more pictures from our trip to Illinois.


William and Addison were wearing Cardinal's shirts, so I announced that I wanted to take a picture of them wearing their matching shirts and William looks at his shirt and then at Addison's and I hear him say, "They are totally not the same." Well, technically, I guess you are right.


This was more along the lines of how our little 'photo shoots' ended up. Not sure what is up with my two boys, but Addison sure looks sweet doesn't she?


Xavier has quite the love for little children--and this is his preferred distance from them. Not a lot of respect for personal space.

 I sure do love this one of them though--look at her hand holding his:


Exhibit B of no personal space:


And Uncle Matt is totally and completely beloved by all of his nieces and nephews:


I think I need to make a list of all I want to accomplish in the next few weeks and just put my mind to it.  I told Micah on the way home that after discovering my classes, I am going to need to make a whole lot of freezer meals in the next few weeks so that we can have food to eat this fall!


You are back on my prayer list for this fall just like last year! I know you will do a fantastic job with your classes. The pics are adorable as always.
Norman said…
You have captured it all, Becky!
(Including your concerns.)

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