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Snapshot #1

My awesome sister does these occasional snapshots and I thought that I might try it out in an effort to not let the blog become too stagnant with the new school year.  (As you know, I have another awesome sister, but she does not blog, so I can't link to her)

Outside my window: it is dark, but the lawn is freshly mowed.  We had such a mild summer, but it has been really hot this month and the grass is starting to get dry.  
I am thinking: ahead to the weekend--a 3 day weekend--Micah is working, but the boys and I are looking forward to some sleeping in, these last few mornings have been rough as we get back into the routine of super early school mornings.
I am thankful for:a good start to the school year.  The amount of stress I have felt is just so drastically different from this time last year.  I am more confident, I am enjoying my students and the process of seeing them grow and grasp new things.  Also for something our pastor said about a month ago preaching  from Colossians 4 r…

First Day

Today, my babies started second grade.

(side note/question: when do I have to stop call them my babies?)

They had a great day and on the drive home declared that they thought second grade was going to their favorite grade ever and that they wished that second grade lasted all the way until nighttime.  I am thinking their teacher (as precious as she may be) probably is thankful it ended when it did.

Even though I have a first hour class, I was able to have another teacher watch my students for five minutes or so this morning so that I could at least get my boys to their classroom.  Tomorrow, it will be before-care for them (which they will be thrilled about), but it was nice to be able to take them myself today.  I managed to take a few photos this morning for posterity's sake, although I am fairly certain I will not be winning any photography awards!

They did not have homework today, real school starts on Monday, I was informed--today and tomorrow is just paperwork and rules.  He…

All is grace

I have continued keeping my gratitude list, just haven't been in the habit of posting it.  One of my favorite things from school last year was having students spend the last 5-10 minutes of each week writing in their gratitude journals and then writing a gratitude on a big piece of paper that covered a door with a sign in the middle that said "all is grace".  This morning, I laminated that sign to use again this year because I have been reminded over and over again recently, that all is grace.

On my own, I am going to fail and falter and sulk and complain and beat myself up, etc. etc. etc., but I don't live this life alone--all is grace.

I might totally mess up in this one moment (or entire day) of parenting(or being a wife or friend or daughter or sister or teacher), but because of grace, I can pick myself up and start anew.

Maybe it is because my boys have been acting a bit entitled to a certain amount of Wii time or having certain things or giving me an attitude …

For the record...

My life in a list:

I go back to school tomorrow--inservice for teachers, the boys get a whole extra week before reporting for duty.I am feeling a bit split personality about 'la rentrĂ©e' (the official French term for the return to the classroom).  On one side, our little family is desperately ready for the routine that school brings, on the other side, I well remember the incredible amount of stress and pressureI felt those first few weeks (or months) of school.  And the time it takes to make it all come together.To be honest, the days have been long recently. Micah is working from long before we wake up and rolling in around 8-9 PM most days.  The good news is he is loving his job. To be sure, he has moments where I think it overwhelms him, but every single night, he has told me how great his day has been.  As much as we miss him (and the boys are desperately missing him these days), it does my heart much good to know that he is thriving (as I knew he would) and learning so ve…