All is grace

I have continued keeping my gratitude list, just haven't been in the habit of posting it.  One of my favorite things from school last year was having students spend the last 5-10 minutes of each week writing in their gratitude journals and then writing a gratitude on a big piece of paper that covered a door with a sign in the middle that said "all is grace".  This morning, I laminated that sign to use again this year because I have been reminded over and over again recently, that all is grace.

On my own, I am going to fail and falter and sulk and complain and beat myself up, etc. etc. etc., but I don't live this life alone--all is grace.

I might totally mess up in this one moment (or entire day) of parenting(or being a wife or friend or daughter or sister or teacher), but because of grace, I can pick myself up and start anew.

Maybe it is because my boys have been acting a bit entitled to a certain amount of Wii time or having certain things or giving me an attitude that is discontented (and not so pleasant to be around), but I have been trying to remind them in a way that a 7 year old can understand that even that food that they are not happy to be eating (because, heaven forbid, they don't like it)--that is grace in their lives--the fact that we have food to eat, a bed to sleep in, air conditioned houses, clean water...all these things that we just take for granted.  They are not rights, but privileges...daily graces.

  • a walk with my boys after supper
  • little boys' shrieks of laughter as they ride their bikes and discover the thrill of standing up while pedaling
  • the relative calm I feel heading into the school year
  • meals put up in the freezer in preparation for school year ahead
  • seeing Micah's face (albeit briefly) each night
  • God's protection of my dad over the weekend


Vicky said…
Ahhhh- I feel the grace filled moments adding up for you too Becky. Beautiful :)

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