First Day

Today, my babies started second grade.

(side note/question: when do I have to stop call them my babies?)

They had a great day and on the drive home declared that they thought second grade was going to their favorite grade ever and that they wished that second grade lasted all the way until nighttime.  I am thinking their teacher (as precious as she may be) probably is thankful it ended when it did.

Even though I have a first hour class, I was able to have another teacher watch my students for five minutes or so this morning so that I could at least get my boys to their classroom.  Tomorrow, it will be before-care for them (which they will be thrilled about), but it was nice to be able to take them myself today.  I managed to take a few photos this morning for posterity's sake, although I am fairly certain I will not be winning any photography awards!

They chose to wear their school shirts today which really are that bright neon green/yellow.
And yes, they are cheesing it up.

They always want a picture of their backpacks--the backpacks are unfortunately out of focus,
but notice their new patches--Mario for Xavier and Sonic for William.

And, I even used the timer to get in a photo with them myself-- you can see how thrilled they are about that.

Finding their seats at school
And with their teacher Mrs. M--who is going to be wonderful!

They did not have homework today, real school starts on Monday, I was informed--today and tomorrow is just paperwork and rules.  Here is to hoping that second grade is the best year ever!


I love their enthusiasm for everything they do. They are adorable!
Anonymous said…
Happy Days!!!
And how the boys are looking so much like their daddy! And you make a good looking teacher, Becky!
LaCombe said…
WOW, 2nd grade! I remember when I first met you at TDF and they were only about 1-3 months old. That is when God put you in my heart as a demonstration of faith and how to love God in all circumstances and I am forever grateful! Prayers and love to you and enjoy those great boys! Kathy

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