Snapshot #1

My awesome sister does these occasional snapshots and I thought that I might try it out in an effort to not let the blog become too stagnant with the new school year.  (As you know, I have another awesome sister, but she does not blog, so I can't link to her)

Outside my window: it is dark, but the lawn is freshly mowed.  We had such a mild summer, but it has been really hot this month and the grass is starting to get dry.  

I am thinking: ahead to the weekend--a 3 day weekend--Micah is working, but the boys and I are looking forward to some sleeping in, these last few mornings have been rough as we get back into the routine of super early school mornings.

I am thankful for: a good start to the school year.  The amount of stress I have felt is just so drastically different from this time last year.  I am more confident, I am enjoying my students and the process of seeing them grow and grasp new things.  Also for something our pastor said about a month ago preaching  from Colossians 4 regarding prayer--he said "Prayer doesn't make for a less busy life, but it makes for a less busy heart."  That has resonated deeply with me these last few weeks.

I am wondering: what Micah's schedule next month is going to look like. We have seen him so little this month and there is always hope that next month will be better, but I try to keep my expectations low in order to be pleasantly surprised if it is better and not too disappointed or frustrated if it isn't.

Last 3 purchases: very exciting stuff: two little plastic lunch containers for the boys' lunchboxes that I got at TJ Maxx for $1.99 and a summer shirt for myself from the clearance rack for $3. 
Dinner plans:  it is well past dinner time as I write this, we have been running to and fro the last two weeks with the beginning of school (was it really only last week?) and several evening meetings for parents and teachers.  In an ideal world, you only have to attend one, but as parent and teacher at both campuses, it has made for some long weeks--all of that to say, I got home at 8:30 and had a bowl of cereal.  (was that a long enough story for you, Liz? )

Future plans I'm looking forward to: my mom coming for a visit to attend Living Proof Live with me  and then hang out with us before we head to my cousin's wedding in St. Louis.

Kid funny: the boys have been over the moon excited about school.  Every day, they come home telling me all about what they are learning in science class.  Yesterday, Xavier told me as soon as he saw me that they learned about photosynthesis.  When I asked him what it meant, he had no idea.  A bit later, I asked William and he explained it to me--"it is a plant that makes its own food, it's like there is a kitchen in the leaf!"  Totally cracked me up that one of them knew the word and the other knew the definition.

I am reading: A variety:  The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis,  The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly, and a French Practice and Review book that has lots of fun facts about the francophone world that I want to incorporate into my classroom.

In the kitchen: some bell peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes shared from a friend

Watching: we cancelled cable early this summer, so I have been catching up on Bones and Masterchef via Hulu.

On my frequent playlist: been listening to a lot of radio these days--the boys always request Air1 and I just discovered there is a Christian talk radio station that plays sermons and Focus on the Family programs that I have been enjoying.

Snacking on: some apples from a big box of apples we got through Bountiful Baskets and the occasional Blue Bell ice cream pop from the stash I picked up when they were 50% off.

Rest-of-the-day-plans: heading to bed as soon as I hit publish.


Anonymous said…
Loved reading about your week.
Thank you so much for sharing the thought from your pastor ""Prayer doesn't make for a less busy life, but it makes for a less busy heart." I needed to hear this. My mornings have always been my prayer and study time and lately that isn't happening so well. I need to get back to the discipline in a more disciplined way because my heart needs the break!
Amy said…
Loved reading this snapshot of your week! So glad school is going well but I remember all too well how killer those first few weeks can be. Enjoy the LPL with your mom. Those are always so good and so refreshing!

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