Pretty healthy

I realize that when I say that our family, in general, is pretty healthy, it may seem like a bit of a stretch--considering the last several years (cancer, preemie baby, dad's heart surgery, etc.).  I guess what I mean is that I don't really see us as 'unhealthy' or 'sickly'.  Yes, we have had some significant health issues, but I don't feel like we (as a family, immediate or extended) are chronically ill.  That being said, my dad had a fall (from horseback riding) this weekend that has him back in the hospital with some internal bleeding due to the blood thinner that he was prescribed because his medical history earlier this year.  It is scary, but I am thankful that his doctors are keeping a close watch on him.  He has had a tough year (and my mom) and while I am thankful that he seems to be doing well, I am hating living so far away.

This last week found me also realizing a couple of things about myself regarding medical stuff.   I am not sure if it was Micah's longer hours and the extended time to myself in the evenings and weekend, but I was having a pretty active imagination.

I submit the following examples:

  • I was having some pain near my original cancer spot and pretty much had myself convinced that my own cancer was back, was trying to figure out how I was going to manage teaching while on chemo, how I was going to convince Micah that I was fine to be left for the hours that residency is requiring--a few hours later, I realized that the pain was gone (and I haven't felt it since, by the way).
  • Sunday at lunch, I started feeling this tightness in my chest and I was having discomfort when I twisted and turned.  I kept trying to ignore it, it wouldn't go away.  All I can think of is how Micah worries about my heart knowing my dad's history and I find myself talking to the boys, making sure they know what our address is and what number they should call if something ever happened to Mommy.  Later that night talking to Micah, I describe my symptoms, he asks a few questions and dismisses my concerns and I realize that Sunday morning in my work at church for hospitality, I had heaved a large (and heavy) container of tea in a very awkward angle.  Soreness in my chest explained.

Writing this out honestly makes me laugh, makes me feel a little  a lot  silly, and makes me realize what I already know to be true.  Anytime, I have extra time on my hands (usually without adult interaction), I can begin to have an overly-active imagination and if I don't remind myself of truth, then I can spend too much time worrying over something that is existing only in my imagination.

I also have decided (much to my chagrin and sadness) that our boys are way too comfortable with the word cancer.   Last Wednesday, I woke up with a knee cap that felt like it had a bruise on it, and by mid-day, it was fairly swollen and extremely sore. I was able to get in to my doctor's office where they wrapped it and called it bursitis (fluid build-up on the knee cap), told me to take ibuprofen for a week, and to stay off of it for the evening.  I was fixing dinner and the boys noticed my 'fancy' knee wrap and one of them asked me about it, while the other one just replied "It must be the cancer, it's back in your knee."   Clearly, they have no real idea of just how serious cancer can be, and to be honest, I am okay with that for now.

How about some cute pictures to end on?

They are not really into looking at the camera these days, I had to sneak this one in when he glanced at me.
This guy thought he needed a joke in order to have his picture taken.
I obliged.
What's a boxer's favorite meal?
"I don't know"--you can just see the anticipation of the punchline on his face.
Kung Pow Chicken
It doesn't matter that his daddy told him that one the other night, it still got a good laugh.
This guy thought it was pretty funny too.

After re-reading my post, I clearly need to revisit that whole post from last week where I talked about how "prayer doesn't make for a less busy life, but it makes for a less busy heart" and apply that to my thought life.


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