October 2013


October 2013, a set on Flickr.

I am not blogging much these days (or even taking photos, it seems) but last night, I was determined to take the boys out and take advantage of some beautiful fall light. The boys are less and less cooperative photo subjects, but I still managed to capture a few that sum up their personalities. It felt good to just get out of the house and take some pretty pictures--just because.


Even a short blog with those sweet faces is enough! They have so much enthusiasm and joy in their expressions!Blogging can wait; live in the moment.
Brian Lewis said…
Who are those boys, and what did you do to my little nephews? They look so big! Great pictures.
Melissa said…
They look so big!!
LaCombe said…
I miss your pictures and blogs, but do understand you are quite busy. The boys are growing up so fast. They are still as cute as a button.
Hope all is well and love and prayers for you and your family. Kathy

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