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I sat down this afternoon to look up some recipes for a freezer cooking exchange that I am participating in this weekend and wanted to check a recipe that I knew I had linked to on my blog.  As I read back over the previous few posts that have been very few and far between for the past 18+ months, I realized that even though I am keeping up with my Project Life and the occasional scrapbook page, I am  missing out on some stories that I don't want to forget.

So, in an effort not to forget at least one story, I am just going to write it up really quickly and hit 'post'.  Maybe I can stay motivated to keep at it..... No one hold their breath, we all know that I have said this before.

William has developed a habit of answering pretty much any question with "Hmm...that's a really tough question...I'm not sure."  (you totally have to read that in his high pitched voice to fully appreciate it)  A few evenings each week, we read together from a Bible reading plan that has a few questions related to the reading and followed by a couple of reflection questions.  The reflection question are not very cut and dry, they are geared towards making you think and so I get that they might be 'tough questions', but he has clearly made that his default answer to questions since the other night we asked him why he didn't eat what his grandma had fixed for him and I hear him call from the other room, "Hmm, that's a pretty tough question....I just don't know the answer."

A couple of layouts from last week:

Because of some crazy snow, we didn't have small group and our family watched the Super Bowl together for probably the first time ever.

Credits here
And some of my favorite photos of the boys from last year--they are pure silliness.

Credits here

Well, it is a start. Maybe I can motivate myself to get back to blogging.  After all, I do want my nephew Camden to start reading it again! (Hi, Camden, I love you, buddy--you speech was awesome!)


Melissa said…
I'm laughing at the thought of William and his voice and "hmmmm, that's a really tough questions . . . " Love him!

And great set of pictures in this last layout, and I especially love the b/w conversion. Maybe you can share your technique? :)
Vicky said…
Oh Becky- you are missed! So glad you captured the story- and hope this does mean we'll see you here more often :)

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