About this blogging thing....

Remember when I posted and said I was going to do my best to get back into blogging? Well, apparently what I didn't realize was that we were right smack dab in the middle of the Olympics and that thrown on top of regular everyday life didn't really allow room for much of anything except being enthralled with the spectacle every night.  In fact, I was just working on dinner and found myself thinking that I wasn't quite sure what the evening would look like since I didn't have important Olympic coverage to occupy my time from 7-10:30.  Our family's love of the Olympics has been pretty well documented over on Melissa's blog, so I won't rehash that since I know our readership is pretty much the same. I will say that my boys did thoroughly enjoy the Olympics even more so this year than in years past and it was a lot of fun to watch it with them.
I will add to that--they do like to talk--pretty much without stopping so there were a few times that I didn't always catch everything that was said on the telecast because they were talking non-stop. They have yet to learn the 'art' of silent viewing.  But, the last two Fridays have ended like this:

 Ignore the weird angles of the camera and looks on my face. I am not so great at the art of taking selfies especially with an 8 year old asleep on my lap/shoulder. It has been a long time since that happened and I am not going to hold those precious memories lightly.

Here is a copy of a text that I sent my mom and sisters one night after the Olympic coverage began:
William has been quite the little pray-er for quite a while. Tonight he is praying and thanking God for the Olympics because they are "awesome and I just love them, and my mind is just so crazed because I want to be an Olympian and a scientist, but it is You that tells us what we are going to be and if I am a scientist, I am NOT going to let people say that there is evolution, like they say that we started out as monkeys and then evolved and became like cave men, but that does NOT even make sense. If we were monkeys, then how can we talk? And You are God the creator, that gives us everything and ....we have a good life. Amen."
And that is the condensed version. 

(I should maybe mention that we watched the debate a few weeks ago between Ken Ham and Bill Nye  that was broadcast from the Creation Museum which probably prompted some of that prayer. )

Just yesterday at church, someone was asking me how our boys were doing and if they had been healthy, and I was saying how we had survived the winter fairly unscathed.  Sure enough, most of yesterday afternoon, Xavier didn't seem like he felt great but managed to make it to church.  This morning, when he got up, I knew he didn't feel well and ended up keeping him home.  He spent much of the day running a fever up to around 103 at its highest. Fortunately this afternoon, his fever broke although he is still not feeling great. I have already scheduled a substitute for tomorrow and am hoping that it will get him back on his feet.  Micah asked me what I did today, and to be honest, I am not entirely sure except for spending quite a bit of time with my little guy curled up next to me.

All scrapping came to a screeching halt during Olympic coverage, so since I will have the day tomorrow as well, my goal is to get at least 1-2 Project Life weeks done and maybe watch the season finale of Downton Abbey.


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