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Spring Break Day 1

It has been a while since I have stayed up late being productive, maybe since that evening before reporting for school when I decided that I wanted to make some freezer meals.  Oddly enough, that is exactly what this evening found me doing.  A little over a month ago, a friend texted me and asked me if I was interested in doing a freezer meal exchange with a couple of friends. Basically, we each choose three main dishes and prepare four of the each of them. Then, we exchange. I keep one meal for my family and give one to each of the other ladies participating. So I ended up with 12 freezer meals which ranged from crock pot creations, casseroles to be baked, sloppy joes, soups, etc.  It has been all kinds of great.  We agreed to do another exchange this week and although we aren't actually meeting up until Sunday to switch out meals, I had it in my head to go ahead and get a head start.  So, basically spring break day 1 has literally been spent at grocery stores and in the kitchen-…

Last Wednesday before Spring Break

Last year's Wednesday before Spring Break found me sitting at home grading papers anticipating the break ahead and trying to get some lesson plans done before picking the boys up from school.  Sometime in the early part of the afternoon, I got a group text from my mom to my sisters and brother saying that she could hardly believe it, but that my dad was scheduled for open heart surgery the next morning at six.  The 3 (or so) hours that followed were pretty crazy as my sisters, brother and I conference called, made immediate plans to leave, made arrangements for school, for the boys, found a flight out, packed a bag, said goodbye to Micah and the boys and got on a plane.  By late that evening, my sisters and I were all in Illinois with my mom and my brother met us at the hospital the next morning after catching a flight back from Seattle and driving much of the night from Chicago.  I remember how surreal it all felt and how worried I was about my dad.  He is such an incredibly stro…

Speech Meet results

One of the difficult things for my schedule this year is that I have a little less than an hour and a half in my school day when I am between classes at different campuses and don't have a classroom to call my own.  I usually work right through my lunch period in my classroom and then wait until I come home around 1:20 for a quick bite of lunch/errands/grading before heading back out to teach at 2:20ish.  The problem is that I have struggled actually being productive during that time period the last several weeks, which is frustrating to me, and I am trying to be better. 
I thought I would try to utilize that time today and write a quick update to the speech meet.  We had to drive about 2 hours away to the Christian school that was hosting it and so we left bright and early Friday morning. My mother in law drove along with us and so it was a nice catch up visit with her.  Xavier was so excited about the meet and William was just excited not to have to go to school.  It was a bit o…

Speech Meet

Back in January, the boys both competed in their school's speech meet.  William chose a poem to memorize and Xavier decided to tackle something in the fable/folklore category. I about fell over when I looked at his selection of Chicken Little and noticed the red arrow at the bottom of the page indicating it was continued on the following page.  In all, it was about a page and a half to memorize. Both boys did excellent on the day of the speech meet.  The majority of the participants chose poems (i.e. shorter pieces) and so William was up against much stiffer competition and did not get to move on to the district meet.  Xavier was chosen to represent the school in the district competition which is today in a town about 2 hours away. We have practiced and practiced and practiced this little piece and I took a little video of him last night for posterity's sake since I am not sure we will get to video during the actual competition.  Yes, he is in his pajamas and yes there are har…


I am so not into hashtags and whatnot, but all the #tbt or Throwback Thursday posts on Facebook coupled with glancing through my extensive Lightroom catalog made me think I should post a few of those sweet little boys.  (also, I completely realize that most of those Throwback Thursdays are of people scanning photos from their own childhood, but I don't know that I want to do all that--my students make me feel old enough.  Today they were talking about Full House and I had to break it to them that when I was their age was when Full House was still coming out with new episodes, then they asked me if I was around when the Brady Bunch was on--aaah, kids these days) (I also realize that the previous parenthetical phrase was super long and not really super high on the correct grammar, etc, but we are going to live with it)

First up, a video from preschool days:

 he still loves to wink at me.

Happy Thursday!

Snapshot #2

Outside my window: what is left of our snow from this past weekend, cold temperatures still 
I am thinking: about the situation in Ukraine, we have a missionary friend there and he sent an email update that has me concerned for him

I am thankful for:having personal days so that I can take care of my boys when they are sick, also that this is their first bouts with sickness during a winter when there has been MUCH sickness at school

I am wondering:how my grandma and grandpa are grandma had emergency surgery last week and just got home yesterday, my brother went down to help them out for a few days and I am wondering how things are going
Last 3 purchases: some half price bath bombs and bath tea from this little boutique in town, an order from Gymboree last week where I scored some major deals for the boys, Micah finally spent his graduation/Christmas money and bought himself one of these iPad minis

Dinner plans:Chicken stir fry-- a few weeks ago, I joined with some friends to do a…

Snow days and Sick days

Remember how Xavier was sick last week? Well, this week it was William's turn.  Because of the crazy winter weather that it seems most of the country received, church was cancelled on Sunday along with school on Monday and Tuesday for us.  William started running a fever on Monday and ended up with the exact same symptoms as his brother (no appetite, tired, vomiting).  His seemed to have run its course by Monday evening after his second nap of the day when he got up and announced that he 'felt so much better'.  I was thankful that school was cancelled again yesterday so that I didn't have to keep him home and miss another day myself.  But, this morning when he got up, he was complaining about his stomach hurting and how he really just wanted to sleep.  Me, being the compassionate mother that I am, tried to sympathize with his fatigue and how none of us really wanted to get up and go to school, but that sometimes we just have to tough it out.  About the time, we were re…