Snapshot #2

Outside my window: what is left of our snow from this past weekend, cold temperatures still 

I am thinking: about the situation in Ukraine, we have a missionary friend there and he sent an email update that has me concerned for him

I am thankful for: having personal days so that I can take care of my boys when they are sick, also that this is their first bouts with sickness during a winter when there has been MUCH sickness at school

I am wondering: how my grandma and grandpa are grandma had emergency surgery last week and just got home yesterday, my brother went down to help them out for a few days and I am wondering how things are going

Last 3 purchases: some half price bath bombs and bath tea from this little boutique in town, an order from Gymboree last week where I scored some major deals for the boys, Micah finally spent his graduation/Christmas money and bought himself one of these iPad minis

Dinner plans:  Chicken stir fry-- a few weeks ago, I joined with some friends to do a freezer meal swap and it has been a life saver

Future plans I'm looking forward to: our school's Groundbreaking Ceremony next week

Kid funny: a few weeks ago, the boys and I were in the store and I finished what I was looking at and said, "hey boys, time to go"...Xavier had walked down the aisle a little bit and I heard William make this sound 'blablablah' and I asked what he was doing, "oh, that is what I do sometimes when I am trying to get his attention."  (I need to get it on video, because you have to hear the sound to truly appreciate it)

I am reading: Church History in Plain Language--mostly trying to stay at least half a page ahead of my students since I started teaching this semester

In the kitchen: not much, between the sick kiddos and snow/ice days, I need to make a trip to the grocery store

Watching: finished up the most recent season of White Collar and hoping to watch this week's NCIS

On my frequent playlist: I bought a Toby Mac CD a few weeks ago and the boys ask to hear it 24/7

Snacking on: chocolate chip cookies courtesy of above mentioned snow day

Rest-of-the-day-plans: picking Xavier up from school and supervising some make-up work for William.


Melissa said…
I am a little jealous of those bath bombs. I've been out forever.

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