Snow days and Sick days

Remember how Xavier was sick last week? Well, this week it was William's turn.  Because of the crazy winter weather that it seems most of the country received, church was cancelled on Sunday along with school on Monday and Tuesday for us.  William started running a fever on Monday and ended up with the exact same symptoms as his brother (no appetite, tired, vomiting).  His seemed to have run its course by Monday evening after his second nap of the day when he got up and announced that he 'felt so much better'.  I was thankful that school was cancelled again yesterday so that I didn't have to keep him home and miss another day myself.  But, this morning when he got up, he was complaining about his stomach hurting and how he really just wanted to sleep.  Me, being the compassionate mother that I am, tried to sympathize with his fatigue and how none of us really wanted to get up and go to school, but that sometimes we just have to tough it out.  About the time, we were ready to walk out the door, he decided that he needed to go to the bathroom and sure enough, he experienced the same ending to this virus that Xavier did--the bathroom ending.  So, I called for a substitute and made up some plans and took Xavier to school and William and I are home doing laundry (me) and watching Mickey Mouse (William).

We didn't really participate in the outdoor fun that goes along with snow days apart from my gathering some 'thunder sleet' for a photo--I had never heard of such a thing.

Micah was scheduled to work the weekend, but because the hospital where he is working is an hour away, they didn't require the residents to drive down.  We were thrilled to have him home for an unexpected day and after a particularly brutal February rotation, it was good for him to have a rest.  We 'celebrated' by teaching the boys an expansion to a card game we recently taught them Bohnanza. They had lots of fun and Micah and I endured the fact that they pretty much never.stopped.talking.

They also got in plenty of Xbox time:

And spent plenty of time building Legos:

--I realize there aren't Legos in this picture, but that is what they were doing at the kitchen table--
We considered briefly going outside to play in the snow, but in William's words: "I don't really feel like getting cold and wet." .....and honestly, I couldn't blame him.

I worked on my Project Life for the month of February and while I don't feel like they are masterpieces, I am thankful to have them recorded.  February was fun with all of the Olympics, but it was also pretty dreary and therefore didn't include a ton of photos and Micah worked really really long hours.

My school week is looking pretty short--snow days  Monday and Tuesday, sick day for William today, I am going to have to teach tomorrow, and then off on Friday for Xavier to go and compete in the district speech meet.  I will try to video him quoting Chicken Little and post it here, because it is pretty cute!


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