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One of the difficult things for my schedule this year is that I have a little less than an hour and a half in my school day when I am between classes at different campuses and don't have a classroom to call my own.  I usually work right through my lunch period in my classroom and then wait until I come home around 1:20 for a quick bite of lunch/errands/grading before heading back out to teach at 2:20ish.  The problem is that I have struggled actually being productive during that time period the last several weeks, which is frustrating to me, and I am trying to be better. 

I thought I would try to utilize that time today and write a quick update to the speech meet.  We had to drive about 2 hours away to the Christian school that was hosting it and so we left bright and early Friday morning. My mother in law drove along with us and so it was a nice catch up visit with her.  Xavier was so excited about the meet and William was just excited not to have to go to school.  It was a bit overwhelming when we arrived because there were competitors from 1st-6th grade from a lot of different schools. I don't know that we ever heard actual numbers.  We met for an assembly and then they dispatched us to separate rooms for the individual competitions.  2nd grade Fable and Folklore had 9 competitors and Xavier was number 4. Halfway through the first couple of competitors, I think he started to get really nervous.  There is lots of quiet waiting time as you wait for the judges to mark their score sheets and write remarks.  The little boy who was sitting next to him was so kind though and from the minute they sat down, he was immediately giving encouragement to Xavier, "you are going to do great, just don't be nervous, you will be great.."  When this little boy got up to compete and introduced his selection as Chicken Little, I think it made Xavier even more nervous. Although, William said it was good for him to have like  a 'free review' before he competed.  As soon as that boy finished, he sat down next to Xavier and continued to encourage him, "you are gonna do great, don't worry about anything, just tell your story, you are gonna be awesome."  It was adorable, if not a little awkward since Xavier didn't know him at all. 

Xavier did a great job reciting his fable, he had a couple little spots where he missed a word, but overall, I thought he did excellent. In fact, he received a Superior rating.  They gave medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and he didn't receive one of those, but I was very proud of him.  And as a mom, that is admittedly biased, I thought that he and the other little boy should have received some Degree of Difficulty points for  memorizing such a long selection.  None of the others had pieces anywhere near as long! 

Xavier said that the little boy before him giving him encouragement made him want to do the same and so he sat down and immediately began telling the next little boy not to worry, that he was going to do great, "and even if you don't, it's okay, because we're all winners!"  Totally cracked me up and illustrated how powerful encouraging words can be.  When we receive those words, it can encourage us to do the same for others.

getting in some last minute review before the meet begins, passing the encouragement along, the three boys from his grade at his school who were there, and the look he gave me just before going up to hear the awards--he really wanted to win

Showing off their ribbons

Out of focus, but such a sweet sight for me. As we left, we knew Xavier was disappointed (although he didn't show it) and William walked with his arm around him all the way to the car.  

I am back to school for this week before being out next week for Spring Break. It has been a few weeks since I was actually at school for five whole days (snow days and sick days) so I am hoping that I still remember how to teach for five straight days.  This is a big week at our school as we are celebrating an amazing gift to our school and breaking ground for a brand new facility.  Yesterday and today have been beautiful (close to 80) although tomorrow is supposed to cool off again. I am not quite ready for summer weather yet, but feeling a bit of spring and seeing some hints of green are good for my soul. 


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