Speech Meet

Back in January, the boys both competed in their school's speech meet.  William chose a poem to memorize and Xavier decided to tackle something in the fable/folklore category. I about fell over when I looked at his selection of Chicken Little and noticed the red arrow at the bottom of the page indicating it was continued on the following page.  In all, it was about a page and a half to memorize. Both boys did excellent on the day of the speech meet.  The majority of the participants chose poems (i.e. shorter pieces) and so William was up against much stiffer competition and did not get to move on to the district meet.  Xavier was chosen to represent the school in the district competition which is today in a town about 2 hours away. We have practiced and practiced and practiced this little piece and I took a little video of him last night for posterity's sake since I am not sure we will get to video during the actual competition.  Yes, he is in his pajamas and yes there are harsh shadows because of it is night time, but I think you will still be able to enjoy it.  And that wink I showed you yesterday? Look for it around the :56 mark.

Also, today, Micah takes yet another exam tomorrow. This one is just for internal medicine residents across the country and his program typically scores in the top 5%, so of course his fear is that he will be the one to make them miss that.  I, on the other hand, say that statistic says a lot about the training program he is in and he should feel confident.  I know he will do great, but prayers are always appreciated.


Melissa said…
He did so good. That is ALOT to memorize.

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