I am so not into hashtags and whatnot, but all the #tbt or Throwback Thursday posts on Facebook coupled with glancing through my extensive Lightroom catalog made me think I should post a few of those sweet little boys.  (also, I completely realize that most of those Throwback Thursdays are of people scanning photos from their own childhood, but I don't know that I want to do all that--my students make me feel old enough.  Today they were talking about Full House and I had to break it to them that when I was their age was when Full House was still coming out with new episodes, then they asked me if I was around when the Brady Bunch was on--aaah, kids these days) (I also realize that the previous parenthetical phrase was super long and not really super high on the correct grammar, etc, but we are going to live with it)

First up, a video from preschool days:

 he still loves to wink at me.

Happy Thursday!


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