7 years

Right now, it is 3 in the afternoon, I am sitting at home having been home for the last hour and a half. We had a half day of school today ending with a Good Friday chapel. I went and picked up the boys and took them for a promised lunch date and then we stopped by a local church that had a Passion Week Experience of the Stations of the Cross.  It was a great way to stop and remember with my boys  all that Good Friday means, to pick up a spike that may have been similar to that which nailed our Savior to the cross, to walk through the veil that was torn into the Holy of Holies and to see the joy on their faces as they talked about how people didn't use to be able to enter because they would die, but now, there is no separation, and finally to write a sin that we struggle with on a piece of paper and then take and nail it to a cross knowing that because He was nailed to the cross, His blood covers all our sins.

At one point today, right after lunch and before entering the church for the Stations of the Cross, while waiting for the boys during their 'bathroom break', it dawned on me that 7 years ago today found me leaving my 15 month old boys with their grandma and heading to a doctor's appointment, while Micah went to an orthodontist appointment.  I had found this bizarre lump and just made an appointment because that is what you do.  It was a Wednesday and we were supposed to be in Mississippi by Friday afternoon for a missions conference with the rest of our team.  The doctor did an exam and immediately sent me over for an ultrasound, which turned in to an immediate mammogram (fortunately for me, the only one I will ever have to endure).  Sometime between the ultrasound and mammogram, Micah came and joined me--my appointments lasting much longer than his and certainly longer than we dreamed they would.  After the mammogram, the radiologist and the tech (her name was Becky, by the way, and she still says hi to me and gives me a hug when I see her) came out and talked to me, telling me that there were what looked like calcifications (which I know now is never a good thing) and that they were recommending me to a surgeon for a biopsy.  Looking back now, I saw it in their eyes--the diagnosis they knew was coming. We walked down the hallway and met Micah's dad in the highway outside the doctor's lounge where he gave me a a hug and told me he was sorry and I said..'for what? we don't know anything yet.'

Who knew that exactly 7 years later I would be finishing up teaching my second year of school, my heart full to bursting at the goodness and grief over the Friday that we call Good? That Micah would be finishing his first year of residency as a doctor? That we would be at home in Oklahoma? That those 7 years would have been filled with some of the best of the best moments and also some of the darkest of the dark? I certainly didn't, but I have been reminded over and over in recent weeks of the fact that God knew and while we may never understand the reasons for the journey that we are on, we can always always trust Him.

Our school has celebrated Passion Week by reading through the Life of Christ in the book of Matthew, celebrating the Lord's Supper together yesterday, and reflecting on His trial and crucifixion today. I am looking forward to Sunday morning and celebrating our risen Lord.

2nd Grade Easter Egg hunt--look at my tall boys!


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
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Tia Dunaway said…
Isn't it amazing how God brings us to places we never dreamed...the good and the bad. Thank you for your faithfulness as it impacts more than you will know this side of heaven.
Norman said…
Love you Becky! Thanks for such an interesting post. Easter blessings, yes! Health blessings, yes! God's faithfulness, yes! And for His working all things together for His glory and our good.

Missouri has been pretty this spring also. Azaleas across the street are now in full bloom; we've had our wonderful annual after-tax visit from your parents; and I hear you are planning to make a trip over this way this summer!!! Look forward to that! I read your blog to gpa and he said, "God is to be praised for your life."

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