Snapshot #3

This always seems like a good way to do a little catch up.

Outside my window: some beautiful (although windy) spring weather. My daffodils are blooming, my hostas growing daily, the purple flowers on the Oklahoma redbuds (one of my favorite things about Oklahoma springtime) are too quickly turning to green leaves.

I am thinking: about how much I hate cancer.   A friend's friend  lost her battle with breast cancer this week. I have followed her story and prayed for her for almost two years and my heart breaks for them.  A teacher I work with at school who is teaching through treatment. A web friend who never ceases to inspire me and bring pleadings with my Father for miracles for her and her family. And of course, my sister.

I am thankful for: a non-eventful visit with my oncologist yesterday and not having to schedule an appointment until December.

I am wondering: how in the world this year has gone by so quickly. Hard to believe we are in the middle of April. Summer is just  6 short weeks away and I will have 3rd graders--crazy! 

Last 3 purchases: I was just going to say that I don't even remember, but last weekend, we bought a new lawn mower (super exciting, right?), a hanging pot of flowers for the front porch (I am testing myself to see if I can keep it alive), and a trellis for the rose bush in the front flower garden.

Dinner plans:  Leftovers--the freezer meal swap is alive and well.

Future plans I'm looking forward to: Secret Church on Good Friday and Micah being off for a three day weekend with us next week.

Kid funny: my bottomless stomach boys, especially Xavier.  If I had a dollar for every time in the last month that that boy has greeted me with the words "and I'm hungry", I might be able to buy a new weed eater :)

I am reading: Church History in Plain Language--mostly trying to stay at least half a page ahead of my students since I started teaching this semester. (yes, this is the last snapshot answer, but it is still true.) and Honey for a Child's Heart--I LOVE this book so much it probably deserves its own blog post.

In the kitchen: clean dishes in the dishwasher that need to be put away and a stack of dirty dishes that need to be loaded.

Watching: catching up on the last few episodes of The Voice while I blog and edit some photos

On my frequent playlist: the song "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)" by Hillsong

Snacking on: Pink Lady apples

Rest-of-the-day-plans: soccer game at 4:30, a short grocery trip before hand, finishing up laundry, and  going to do my best to bust out some Project Life pages.  I did manage to finish up the first week of March:


Grandma Elledge said…
Third graders! Wow!
All of our greats are growing soo fast! Enjoy the blessings of Easter! Love, gma E
Melissa said…
It must be spring because I was going to add to my next snapshot how much both of my kids are eating as well.
theredpumpkin said…
Wonderful to read an update and see a glimpse what's happening with you all! That hands-on Good Friday experience is such a great idea! I didn't realize our boys were in the same year...I think your boys are several months older than my oldest but here all the kids born in 2006 go to same grade. About the 7 years...I remember reading your blog and if I remember correctly it was the first time I had really heard of a blog but it was given to me so I could follow and pray. Wow. Will continue to pray for these other friends mentioned. Besos!

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