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So the blogging on a regular basis from the last post hasn't really happened.  I feel confident in saying that this first month of summer that is drawing to a close has gone by much too quickly.  The upside to things is that while I have been extra busy with an online class this month and doing some intensive reading for a another paper I have to write for my certification, my class wraps up next Monday and my goal is to have the books read and my paper written by the end of the month, so that I can bask in the awesomeness of July and its lack of school related activities.

It is currently 10:42 at night and I probably ought to go to bed, but I have had lots of thoughts churning through my head for a few days, and so I decided to go ahead and try to get them out.

  • ICU Nights: this month's rotation is not my favorite.  We have been seeing Micah for approximately 2-3 ish hours a day.  Sometime between 7:45-9 when he rolls in and is so exhausted, but starving and has eaten a breakfast burrito every single day (1 egg, 1 egg white, ham, spinach, salsa, all wrapped up in a tortilla), I don't know how he doesn't get tired of it. He falls into bed approximately 15 minutes after arriving home and we leave or try to stay extra quiet and not wake him--although I have discovered he is pretty much out of it and not really bothered by us.  He wakes up around 4 and drinks massive amounts of coffee and by 4:30 is kind of awake. We eat dinner between 5-5:30 and he is out the door by 6.  We are down to 6 shifts left, but who's counting, right?
  • World Cup soccer--I have totally been sucked in.  Because of a fluke promotion/change in cell service, the cable and DVR that we got rid of last year and have lived pretty happily without has made a reappearance.  Basically, adding cable was going to cost the same amount that we were currently paying for everything and so we added cable.  I have never been such a fan of ESPN.  First, the NBA Finals kept me entertained (Go, Spurs!) and now there is pretty much soccer (or football for my friends who live anywhere except the USA) on the majority of the day.  

    • And we are becoming invested. My vocabulary has increased, while I still am pretty confused on offsides, I know what a 'cap' is, I know what an 'equalizer' is, I understand the fouls, yellow cards, red cards, I can recognize beautiful goals. I find it interesting that the commentators always use the plural tense of the verb when referring to countries. For example, Costa Rica are having a very good tournament. England are not.
    • The boys (and Micah until he had to leave) watched the USA match on Sunday against Portugal and there was much screaming and shouting  in our house. and this was the view of the boys the entire last five minutes, they could not sit still. They paced and jumped and ran in place, and told me how 'it was kind of stressful for them.'
    • The other thing I love about the World Cup is that it makes me think of all my friends who live around the world. My friends the Turnboughs in Spain, the Johnsons in Belgium, friends from seminary in Costa Rica, a paper I did in college on Bosnia-Herzogovenia, the people our team work with from Algeria, dear friends who worked many long years in Ivory Coast, and of course Les Bleus (the French).  Micah who watches when he can told me he loves it and hates it at the same time. It reminds him of France and Europe--where football is huge.  I keep waiting for the day that memories and thoughts of life lived overseas won't bring sadness and a yearning, but I am not sure that day will ever truly come.
  • For the past three years, the boys have participated in a patriotic play that their grandma painstakingly writes and the church drama team puts on.  This coming weekend is the performance and so we had some dress rehearsal tonight.  Tell me this isn't cute:
  •  While on my YouTube account, I re-watched some of these older gems and was reminded how far we have come and yet some things (like the constant motion remain the same):

You are welcome.

I managed to scrap a few pages in the last couple of weeks and even a Project Life spread.  

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