Ah, summer, who knew that you could be so good?

I knew it had been a while since posting on my blog and it had been so long, in fact, that when I pulled up the site, it showed I had a comment from my Grandma on my last post that I hadn't seen yet.  It warmed my heart, some of you know my grandparents and just how special they are, and for those of you who don't, trust me when I tell you they are some of the kindest, Christ-like, loving, hard-working people you will ever meet.  And I can't wait to come see you this summer!!

Melissa has posted a few photos from our trip to Illinois over on her blog--she and Liz and Brian have been much better about posting to social media than I have. I am having the hardest time even facing all of the photos that need to be looked at and edited on my phone and big camera.  I realized this week that the last time I even completed a Project Life page this year was way back in the middle of March. I have some serious catch up to do.

This week:

  • we have been to the pool at a friends' neighborhood where I was so proud of the confidence that the boys showed for being their first time in a pool this summer.  The previous summers of swim lessons finally seem to be paying off and I love seeing them confident in their swimming abilities and seeing them safe--they know their limits. 
  • I have been working hard on an online classroom management class that I am taking to renew my teaching certificate. It has been good so far and I am thankful that I am able to take it over the summer and not while I am teaching. I am enjoying the break from the rigors of lesson planning, but I am finding myself often thinking about my classes and how I need to improve on them.
  • We have signed up for the summer reading program and planned out a few library related activities (visit at least 10 different libraries in the Tulsa area, along with the Asian American Festival this Saturday, and lots of different summer programs that the libraries around here offer).
  • Micah is on nights this month, which stinks for him and kind of for us.  He heads into work around 6 and then rolls back in between 8 and 9 the next morning, sleeps for 4-6 hours and starts all over again.  I know he is exhausted and it almost makes me feel guilty for being able to sleep in.
  • We attended our church's summer picnic at a local part this evening and it was a great time with food and water games and lots and lots of friends. 
I can't post without adding a few photos of my own from last week's trip.  It was such a great time, we drank countless pots of coffee, we laughed, we watched HGTV and the NBA Conference finals, we ate ice cream, we managed some shopping, we talked teaching and discipleship, and we basked in the joy that it always is to be together as a family--when we live so far apart, it doesn't happen very often and when I say the time was sweet, it doesn't really do it justice.

From the church picnic, it was a long line to the food cart, but it was totally worth it!

One of my favorite memories from the last night, playing Apples to Apples with the kids and Matt and Xavier were partners--I think you can tell how beloved Uncle Matt is--and these two were the grand winners!

There were two new litters of kittens which the boys immediately went to see within 3 minutes of arrival, naming three William, Xavier and Quentin.  William kept asking if we could come back later this summer because he really wanted to see "me" (referring to the kitten surnamed William)

A trip to Grandpa's wouldn't be complete without a ride on the horses. This day, I am pretty sure that Grandpa wore himself out giving 4 grandkids at least 30 minute rides each.

Such a great trip, so many great memories. And I am looking forward to making lots more this summer!  And you never know, I just might decide to blog on a regular basis :)


Anonymous said…
Yea for being back in the blog world!
Anonymous said…
Yea from Grandma again. Looking forward to that trip you mentioned!!
Anonymous said…
Yea from Grandma again. Looking forward to that trip you mentioned!!

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