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Project Life 2015

I am woefully not caught up on my Project Life pages 2014--which is unfortunate since my boys spent about an hour or more the other night poring through Project Life 2013 and what I have accomplished from 2014 and they kept asking me: 'when are you going to finish Project Life 2014?'  I can't answer that question, but it most definitely encourages me to stick with this hobby of mine, recording our life, and hopefully sharing some of my hopes and dreams for them in the process.

First few weeks are done, shockingly enough!!

I am taking inspiration from my sister and trying to go much more simple and photo focused.

Tuesday things

I don't know about where you live, but we are experiencing some seriously beautiful weather for the middle of January.  Over the weekend, we enjoyed 70 degree days.  The boys were off from school yesterday while I had inservice meetings to attend at school.  They spent the day hanging out with their grandma and cousins, having an all out Nerf war in their grandparents backyard.  Micah and I picked them up after I got home and we all went over to the elementary school where we practiced some basketball with them.  They are loving playing basketball and it has been a fun change of pace for us.

Micah and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday.  We have laughed all month because we couldn't seem to remember how long we had been married, it felt like surely it was more than 'just' 12.  We went to the early service at church and let his parents take our boys to lunch and we tried a new place in Tulsa for Sunday brunch. It was a perfect kind of meal to talk and l…

9 years old

I really don't know where the years are going. My babies are growing up so quickly.

This is the fourth year that I have done a video interview with them on their birthday or close to it anyway.  I went back to look for last year's video and realized that I had never posted them.
So here are videos done on their 8th birthday last year--


I am pretty sure that I should have pulled out the list of questions from last year, because this year's video is a bit all over the place.



And links to their 7th birthday and their 6th birthday (they were so itty-bitty).

Back when they were two, we decorated their room with John Deere tractors which was a carry-over from their original nursery.  And basically, we haven't done much to touch their room since then.  We knew that it was high time for a makeover and decided to surprise them for their birthday.

Micah made this cool display for their ever growing Nerf gun collection and I used my photoshop s…

This week

My boys turned nine years old yesterday. I have some sweet stories and some cute pictures and the yearly interview to post tomorrow.  But this past week did not turn out like any other week.

Just 11 short days ago, a friend from college, who is also a mother of multiples (and an almost 9 year old boy) and a missionary in Spain, sent me a Facebook message with the sad news of her 32 year old sister being diagnosed with cancer in the last week and would I maybe have time to send her a message.  I took a deep breath and felt the tears immediately come to my eyes, knowing just a small portion of the story--because her sister Bethany and husband David were missionaries living in Lima, Peru and I felt the pain of what that diagnosis would mean for them, for their life--and it made my heart sad.  Of course, I would email her and share any encouragement I could, willing to listen, to answer questions if she needed.  I didn't hear back right away, but didn't think much knowing how ove…


I haven't done well recently recording the funny things the boys say, but there were a couple of recent things that have made me smile.

Courtesy of Xavier:

For Christmas, I bought Micah some new cologne and the boys had been asking me what I bought him.  After telling them multiple times one day, Xavier asked me again and this was our conversation: me: "what did I tell you earlier?"  X-"Oh yeah, right, deodorant"me: "no, cologne."X- "yeah, cologne/deodorant--pretty much the same thing"We had the joy/fun job of car shopping last week and while we were waiting at the Chevy dealership, Xavier looks at me and says, "I am totally going to need one of those Corvettes when I get old enough to drive."   From William: Their birthday is coming up this Saturday and every time William talks about it, he calls it their 'bird-day'.  Mostly because he has heard his dad be silly and call birthdays 'bird-days', but the other day, we r…

Still catching up

I have been making myself finally go back through photos from this summer to put into my Project Life album. I am embarrassed to admit that I had uploaded, but never even looked at first day of school photos from August.  I will say that when I look back on the end of summer, we did manage to keep it pretty busy.  As part of my continued certification, I had to read several books and write a paper and so I was spending a large majority of my time on that.  Then, right before inservice began, we made a quick trip to Missouri to see my grandparents and got to meet up with my sisters and their kiddos, we also drove up to another town in Missouri to meet our great-niece and see Micah's grandmother.  We came home and decided to paint our kitchen and living room and managed to get that back together in time for me to head out the door for a week of inservice meetings before school began.  Add to school and my increased class load, getting back into soccer practices, taking William to sp…

"What Would Jesus Undo?"

A few times a year, our church has the privilege of having Michael Boggs come and lead worship. He is from our area and has known our pastor for a long time.  I bought his most recent album More Like a Lion last fall and I can't really recommend it enough. I appreciate his heart for worship and his songwriting a lot.  Today, he actually led worship and spoke (in three services, no less).  After leading worship, he sang the song "What Would Jesus Undo?" and then spoke on that topic.  
To be honest, I had listened to that song on the album quite a bit, but until he sang it and had the words up on the screen to see, I don't know that I had really understood the words:
Would God unpreach every sermon spoke in hatred?
The kind with hell fire burning on their lips. 
Would He unsing every sacred song of worship?
We sing it, but don’t mean a word of it.
Would he unsay every scripture said in anger?
The kind that's used to hurt more than to help.
Would he unpoint all the pointin…

Last summer

I know that parents everywhere are ready for Monday to arrive, that Christmas break was great while it lasted, but it is high time for those precious children to head back to school and come down off the extended sugar high and excitement of Christmas.....honestly, I am kinda ready to send my own boys back too.  But....on the flip side, I am not quite ready to head back as a teacher.  

I feel like we have finally reclaimed our house a little bit (i.e. all the uneaten Christmas cookies that were hanging around have finally been purged, the tree and all decorations have been safely tucked away for another year, the extra boxes from all those Amazon orders have been broken down and disposed of) and I would kind of like to have another few days at home.  But, barring a winter storm that has yet to be detected, Monday morning will dawn bright and early with us headed out the door for a new semester of classes.

We have had a great break, Micah even had a week's vacation that we spent i…