9 years old

I really don't know where the years are going. My babies are growing up so quickly.

This is the fourth year that I have done a video interview with them on their birthday or close to it anyway.  I went back to look for last year's video and realized that I had never posted them.
So here are videos done on their 8th birthday last year--


I am pretty sure that I should have pulled out the list of questions from last year, because this year's video is a bit all over the place.



And links to their 7th birthday and their 6th birthday (they were so itty-bitty).

Back when they were two, we decorated their room with John Deere tractors which was a carry-over from their original nursery.  And basically, we haven't done much to touch their room since then.  We knew that it was high time for a makeover and decided to surprise them for their birthday.

Micah made this cool display for their ever growing Nerf gun collection and I used my photoshop skills to make a poster with ideas gleaned from Pinterest.  Actually, the Nerf gun wall was also inspired by Pinterest--what did we ever do before it existed?

We let them come in after school and it was so funny because when they first opened the door, all they saw was the Nerf guns and they just ran over there and finally William turned around and the second picture is him finally seeing the rest of it.

I always put a lot of pressure on myself to make them fun cakes and this year, I finally felt pretty good about my effort.  Chocolate cake with a cookies and cream filling, white icing and Transformer symbols on the top.

I always love the birthday candle pictures:
Check out William's face in the corner

He was getting a big breath so that he could blow out his candles!
You are sweet, funny, loving boys and I am so happy that I get to be your mommy.


Anonymous said…
They are changing, besides getting older--but still sweet. Thanks for posting.
Melissa said…
I love Williams very concentrated effort on staying with you on video. :) And that his favorite color is hot pink.

Love their reactions to their birthday cakes and their room - you're a great mom!

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