Last summer

I know that parents everywhere are ready for Monday to arrive, that Christmas break was great while it lasted, but it is high time for those precious children to head back to school and come down off the extended sugar high and excitement of Christmas.....honestly, I am kinda ready to send my own boys back too.  But....on the flip side, I am not quite ready to head back as a teacher.  

I feel like we have finally reclaimed our house a little bit (i.e. all the uneaten Christmas cookies that were hanging around have finally been purged, the tree and all decorations have been safely tucked away for another year, the extra boxes from all those Amazon orders have been broken down and disposed of) and I would kind of like to have another few days at home.  But, barring a winter storm that has yet to be detected, Monday morning will dawn bright and early with us headed out the door for a new semester of classes.

We have had a great break, Micah even had a week's vacation that we spent in Illinois at my parents' house.  I have been spending time these last few days going through photos, trying desperately to catch up on this past year's sadly neglected Project Life.  Specifically, I have been revisiting the week this summer when the boys and I headed to Fort Worth and went to our denomination's national convention for the day. We spent the evenings with our friends who we went to language school with in Albertville (who now live in the Dallas area) and the boys and I braved a day at the convention in between.  It was a quick two day trip and we came home exhausted, but I look at these photos and remember the sweet moments with dear friends and I am just so thankful that we had the chance to make the trip.

I am not sure why I am blogging now or if I will be able to keep up with posting.  I just know that in the busyness of life, there is something that I am missing in recording our family's story since I managed to eliminate blogging.


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