I haven't done well recently recording the funny things the boys say, but there were a couple of recent things that have made me smile.

Courtesy of Xavier:

  • For Christmas, I bought Micah some new cologne and the boys had been asking me what I bought him.  After telling them multiple times one day, Xavier asked me again and this was our conversation: 
    • me: "what did I tell you earlier?"  
    • X-"Oh yeah, right, deodorant"
    • me: "no, cologne."
    • X- "yeah, cologne/deodorant--pretty much the same thing"
  • We had the joy/fun job of car shopping last week and while we were waiting at the Chevy dealership, Xavier looks at me and says, "I am totally going to need one of those Corvettes when I get old enough to drive."  
From William:
  • Their birthday is coming up this Saturday and every time William talks about it, he calls it their 'bird-day'.  Mostly because he has heard his dad be silly and call birthdays 'bird-days', but the other day, we realized that he has just kind of fallen into calling it that.  This caused Micah a small amount of alarm and we have been doing a bit of re-training!

Remember the speech meet from around this time last year? The one where Xavier chose to memorize Chicken Little and how that is not a short fable to memorize?  

The boys came home today telling me they chose their pieces for this year's speech meet. 

William chose Chicken Little. 

I don't even have words.


Anonymous said…
Good start to my morning. I'm still smiling.
Anonymous said…
Good to see you back blogging...
Anonymous said…
Grandma E.

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