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I have been making myself finally go back through photos from this summer to put into my Project Life album. I am embarrassed to admit that I had uploaded, but never even looked at first day of school photos from August.  I will say that when I look back on the end of summer, we did manage to keep it pretty busy.  As part of my continued certification, I had to read several books and write a paper and so I was spending a large majority of my time on that.  Then, right before inservice began, we made a quick trip to Missouri to see my grandparents and got to meet up with my sisters and their kiddos, we also drove up to another town in Missouri to meet our great-niece and see Micah's grandmother.  We came home and decided to paint our kitchen and living room and managed to get that back together in time for me to head out the door for a week of inservice meetings before school began.  Add to school and my increased class load, getting back into soccer practices, taking William to speech therapy in Tulsa, small groups at church starting back up--looking back now, I can get a bit of perspective of why August and September seemed so incredibly hard this year.  October hit and I immediately felt like I could breathe--we somehow managed to find a rhythm and it was okay again.

This was meet the teacher night.  They 'dread' school every summer until this night two nights before school starts and then they are instantly excited about it--they see their teacher, see their name tags, this year, they saw the big bin where they would storing all of their books.

 Wednesday before school started on Thursday, I finished up my last few things in my classroom and in the afternoon, the boys and I headed out to finish up the summer with a bit of fun.  They made it one of their summer goals to visit 10 different Tulsa County libraries and we finished up the summer by going to the 10th one in a town about 20 minutes away.

 We followed that with a visit to the splash pad.....

and the local ice cream place...

And we finally made it to the first day of school--third did that happen? I feel like they were just little kindergarteners.  Clearly, my focus was a bit of an issue....

but not nearly as bad as in this next photo ..... (and this is how much I don't remember about this day--did I set a timer or did Micah take this? I can't imagine that he was still home, but I don't remember setting up the camera and using the timer either!)

I didn't have a first hour during first semester, so I was able to take them and walk them up to their classroom for their first day.

Halfway through third grade, they would probably say that they are loving it as much as they have loved any other year of school.  They continue to be in class together and from all reports, they still seem to be doing well being together--I know that it certainly simplifies things for me.  One big change for me was that I started teaching 4th grade this year in addition to my 5th and 6th grade classes.  This has been an adjustment for two reasons--obviously, this is my youngest class, but it also meant that I could potentially be teaching my own boys next year.  They have always begged me to still be teaching when they were to the age of the students that I was teaching because they really wanted me to be their teacher.  That always seemed in the distant future, but now it doesn't feel quite so far away.  The surprise for me this year has been the joy that my little fourth graders have brought to me. They just seem to love having French and are so eager to learn each week and I love being greeted by them on Wednesday nights at church with hugs and sweet little "Bonjour, Madame Derby".

And here is layout I did recently from pictures from 2012 when we discovered a roly poly on a walk and he became our 'pet' for a few days hours.
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