Tuesday things

I don't know about where you live, but we are experiencing some seriously beautiful weather for the middle of January.  Over the weekend, we enjoyed 70 degree days.  The boys were off from school yesterday while I had inservice meetings to attend at school.  They spent the day hanging out with their grandma and cousins, having an all out Nerf war in their grandparents backyard.  Micah and I picked them up after I got home and we all went over to the elementary school where we practiced some basketball with them.  They are loving playing basketball and it has been a fun change of pace for us.
This is a picture from tonight--I loved the sunset behind them and the action shot of my sweet boys

Micah and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday.  We have laughed all month because we couldn't seem to remember how long we had been married, it felt like surely it was more than 'just' 12.  We went to the early service at church and let his parents take our boys to lunch and we tried a new place in Tulsa for Sunday brunch. It was a perfect kind of meal to talk and laugh and think about where we have been and where we want to go.  He came home and took a nap while I attended the wedding of a friend from the cancer support group that I attend.  It was such a sweet wedding and also pretty neat to see the whole row of survivors from our group who came to celebrate their friend.
celebrating 12 years with Sunday brunch

Photo Booth fun while we wait for the bridal party to take photos

Last week, I got on Facebook one day to see that a friend had this amazing idea to bless my sister and her family with a family trip.  It has been amazing to see the people who have given and shared and joined this huge effort.  In a text conversation with my younger sister, she said this to me, "if I have to pick a good thing about watching my sisters fight cancer, it would be seeing how many people love on them and try to help them".  It is a pretty special thing to see someone you love so dearly be loved so well by others.  If you are interested in this venture, you can click here to read about the plans of a big-hearted friend.

And for the family that I posted about last week, there is also a fund that has been set up to help them with so many unexpected needs that their family is facing.  


It’s so fun to see you blogging again!! You’ve been missed. I’m enjoying your updates. :)

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