"What Would Jesus Undo?"

A few times a year, our church has the privilege of having Michael Boggs come and lead worship. He is from our area and has known our pastor for a long time.  I bought his most recent album More Like a Lion last fall and I can't really recommend it enough. I appreciate his heart for worship and his songwriting a lot.  Today, he actually led worship and spoke (in three services, no less).  After leading worship, he sang the song "What Would Jesus Undo?" and then spoke on that topic.  

To be honest, I had listened to that song on the album quite a bit, but until he sang it and had the words up on the screen to see, I don't know that I had really understood the words:

Would God unpreach every sermon spoke in hatred?
The kind with hell fire burning on their lips. 
Would He unsing every sacred song of worship?
We sing it, but don’t mean a word of it.
Would he unsay every scripture said in anger?
The kind that's used to hurt more than to help.
Would he unpoint all the pointing words and fingers,
Hold up a mirror so we can point 'em at ourselves.
Oh, the things we do in His name.

I wonder if He shakes his head
and thinks "that's not what I meant".
What does hurting the hurting prove?
If we're supposed to love,
I wonder why we judge
when grace has graced us too.
When it comes down to me and you,
what would Jesus undo? What would Jesus undo?

It was a good reminder for me specifically regarding some reflections that I have had lately.  Our goal as the body of Christ isn't to put up walls, but to build bridges where we can share the truth of Christ and the truth of Who has changed our lives. 

My boys have been in a bit of denial that today is the end of Christmas break.  Tonight at dinner, I told them I realized that they weren't looking forward to going back to school, but since it was inevitable, what were they looking forward to?  "art class and computers....oh and seeing my friends" They are so funny because they both do well at school and always seem to enjoy it, but I think that it is pretty tough for school to compete with staying home and playing with your best buddy all day every day.

I have been attempting to get some scrapping done in the past few days.  My family and local friends know that before Micah started residency a year and a half ago, he painted our kitchen cabinets.  I can't even begin to tell you what a chore that was.  He really thought that he would start on Monday and maybe finish it up by the weekend.  Three weeks later, he finally completed that beast of a job.  It turned out amazing and we love the results, but in the midst of it, it was pretty painful.  I finally got a page scrapped about it.
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And two layouts from the boys' birthday last year...hard to believe that they have another one coming up this Saturday.
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