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February Highlights

Apparently, I went on a little hiatus for blogging during the month of February.  As I think back to why exactly, I am not quite sure. It wasn't that February was especially full, although when I look back at the calendar, it is fairly consistent full with small things that add up to full evenings and then it is the weekend and those are always mad dashes to get laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping done, and attempt to not think about school work for at least one day.  We also added Sunday night small groups back in after having much of December and January off. And when you throw in the fact that February is shorter than other months, it really went by quickly.  I can't believe that we are almost finished with the first week of March!  I am taking advantage of two middle of the week snow days to catch up on blogging and Project Life.

So, here are some highlights from February:

1.  Micah was off of nights-- --that schedule is so hard for us--he would leave for work each night by…