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On blogging and memory keeping

My sister who is the master blogger (and through the years has been the motivating force in convincing me to scrapbook which led to learning photography which led to Project 365 which led to Project Life--whew! that was a long parenthetical)--anyway, Melissa through the years has printed her blog entries by year through the website and the books have turned out beautifully.  It captures the memories in a way that her kids can easily pick them up and read through them.   A couple of years ago, I started the process and got fairly overwhelmed and stopped.  For some reason, I decided to revisit that project and have spent the last two evenings going through the painstaking process of making blog books from the years 2009 and 2010.

While I didn't read every story and every post, it was definitely an interesting look at our days back when the boys were turning 3 and 4, Micah was applying to med school, and we were traveling to New York for my reconstruction surgery.  There w…