On blogging and memory keeping

My sister who is the master blogger (and through the years has been the motivating force in convincing me to scrapbook which led to learning photography which led to Project 365 which led to Project Life--whew! that was a long parenthetical)--anyway, Melissa through the years has printed her blog entries by year through the website blurb.com and the books have turned out beautifully.  It captures the memories in a way that her kids can easily pick them up and read through them.   A couple of years ago, I started the process and got fairly overwhelmed and stopped.  For some reason, I decided to revisit that project and have spent the last two evenings going through the painstaking process of making blog books from the years 2009 and 2010.

While I didn't read every story and every post, it was definitely an interesting look at our days back when the boys were turning 3 and 4, Micah was applying to med school, and we were traveling to New York for my reconstruction surgery.  There were definitely good days and not so good days and there were lots of cute photos and some pretty funny stories that I am sure never quite made it to a scrapbook page.  I am thankful for the record and I do think that it will be good to have them printed out.  The boys love to look through the scrapbooks and so I think that they will enjoy this. I also realized that  I spent almost an entire two years listing things that I was thankful for each Thursday and I hope that our family can be reminded of the many good things that God has done for us and continue this tradition.

So, why did I stop blogging?  The easy answer is that I started teaching school and life just got busy.  The harder answer, and perhaps the more accurate answer, is I think that life got harder and I didn't always know how to 'process' through that on the blog or to simply keep it light and fun when things didn't feel so light and fun.    The good news is that I haven't stopped taking photos and I haven't stopped recording our lives, although it has definitely taken a different form and there are probably some holes because I haven't taken the time to make a daily record. The years 2009-2011 were pretty high volume blogging years, the years since will probably only take one book to print and I am well aware that many of those posts included lofty goals of getting back to blogging....so I am just going to leave that part out of this post.  I do have some ideas for some posts that I would like to write and you never know what the New Year will bring.

I definitely want to get back into taking good pictures in the new year, my poor camera has been very neglected which means that I am often frustrated with my photos.  And while it can be frustrating taking photos of almost 10 year olds--I sure do love those silly little boys and I want to remember these days.


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