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old friends

Weekend before last, Micah and I left the boys with his mom and headed out to Phoenix, AZ to visit some very dear friends.  While I was trying to explain to a co-worker who we were going to see and why we were such great friends, I began to realize that we had been friends for close to 16 years--which takes us back to before they had any kiddos (now they have 4), before Micah and I were married or even dating, back to when we were still in college.  We moved overseas together (and back again), lived an incredible amount of life together, experienced some really great highs along with some pretty devastating lows.   We often say that our friendships on our team on the field somewhat ruined us for regular friendships because we know now how great and how precious close friendships can be.  For a while we were lulled into thinking that type of friendship was the norm and easily accomplished. Hindsight, which you know, is 20/20.  Looking back now, I know that we poured a lot of time and e…

Wednesday's Words

We have a friend who always asks the boys what they learned at school that day--which I like to ask as well, but for some reason, I rarely seem to get a thought out answer.  But, one day in December, he was at our house chatting with Micah when the boys and I got home and he asked and they promptly responded with "the number for the poison control center".  This was not exactly what I was expecting to hear from them, but their science teacher had taught them (and they learned it because they were able to rattle it off for us) in case they ever needed it.  It just cracked me up later because William then wrote in his Christmas card to his teacher "thank you for teaching us that number--I may need it some day!!"

Since that day, I have tried to be a little more deliberate about asking and persisting for answers about school days.   At dinner, we were talking about their day and discovered that William had been moved to the back of the classroom.  (as a teacher, I know…

An observation on blogging

I have been continuing to slowly work on getting my blog posts moved over into the website so that I can have them printed into books.  While the website has a program that is very helpful in the process of creating the book, there is still a lot of adjusting, placing the photos in the correct places, changing the layouts a bit to make it just right, etc.  I have finished formatting for the years 2009 and 2010 and am partially through 2011.  After 2012, I think that everything can probably all be put it in one book--I maybe blogged 10-15 times throughout 2015.  I have been amazed at how much I have forgotten and am thankful that I blogged through those years.  Today, I have been working on creating a book from 2007-2008 from a Word document that I had copied and pasted the entries from a blog that we maintained through Apple's old blogging service.  I am a little sad because for some reason, my blog entries start mid-July 2007 and I think that the rest of thos…

Wednesday's Words

Today, I was chatting with another teacher who shared a conversation that he had had with another teacher's daughter who also happens to be in class with our boys--did you follow that?

Anyway, she had gotten an iPad for Christmas and she was telling him about it and somehow that led to how sorry she felt for the Derby boys because they weren't going to get phones until they were 15 and then they were only going to be flip phones.  I totally cracked up, because when they have asked we have normally replied that it will probably be when they can drive and Micah's has always followed that up with them only needing phones to make phone calls, so there wouldn't be a need for a smartphone.  I guess they were paying attention.

Last weekend, we made a quick trip to Phoenix to visit some friends (which I plan to detail another day), but as we were hugging the boys goodbye at the airport. Xavier grabs me and just starts saying "May the Lord bless you and keep you...." …

Golden Birthday

I did not know that there was a special term for having a birthday where you turn the age of the day of your birthday.  For example, the boys were born on the 10th and since they turn 10 this year, this is their golden birthday.

For the last few months, we have been talking about their birthday and what we could do.  Micah really wanted to have a marathon of watching Lord of the Rings with them since they are his favorite movies and he has been waiting for the boys to be a bit older before letting them watch the movies.  But, having a dad that is working long hours including nights the weekend of your birthday and having your birthday on a Sunday kind of hampers that plan a bit.  So, they got an early start and have been working on the movies since January 1.  The boys (all three of them) are loving it.  In fact, as I type this, they are finishing up the last movie in the other room--which I can hear quite loudly since these movies are evidently made to be watched in surround sound.

Wednesday's Words

Over the last year, we--along with the rest of the world--have discovered the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  I love the houses that they re-do and it totally makes me consider (for a moment) whether we should have Micah looking for a job in Waco.

Recently, the boys have really been enjoying the show with me and they have made some pretty funny comments.

From William, towards the end of the show as Joanna is coming in to work her decorating magic: "hmmm....she really doesn't do that much on this show..."

From Xavier, as we are watching the bloopers and clips show: "Oh man, I love this guy, he is just hilarious, I tell you."

From both of them: "the shiplap!!! the shiplap!!"

Snapshot #4

Outside my window:  Some beautiful sunshine after a fairly dreary day. It is pretty, but definitely a cold day outside.  Of course, when I arrived to pick up the boys from school, I found them standing holding their winter coats instead of wearing them....
I am thinking: about the sermon from our church yesterday by Tommy Swindoll from our Nashville church on John 3:30 ( He must increase, but I must decrease).  I wrote this quote down: "When Jesus becomes more and I become less, my purpose and my joy increase."  That idea seems to be coming at me in several ways recently and it is resonating with me and calling me to work that out in my daily life.

I am thankful for:this medium (blogging) for remembering.  It is a relatively easy and reading through past entries has been good perspective (wow, I sure did talk a lot about how tiring parenting small children was and how regularly or not i was blogging) but it also has been good reminders of God's faithfulness and our family&…

Happy New Year

Since Micah just finished up a month of nights in the ICU yesterday morning, he didn't really ring in the New Year with the boys and I--choosing instead to try to get his body back on the right track for sleeping during the night time hours.  But, the boys and I managed to stay up until the first minutes of 2016.

Micah had planned to take them to see the new Star Wars movie but when they went to our small theater in town discovered that the only seats available for that showing were in the front row. So, they chose to come home and he introduced the boys to the first Lord of the Rings movie which they were thrilled to see since they have heard Micah talk about these movies for their entire lives.  I contented myself to half watch while continuing to work on my blog book project.  (side note: back in 2011, I was counting gas at $2.95 a gallon as a gratitude....that made me even more thankful today when I noticed that it is down to $1.48/gallon now).  
After Micah went to bed, the b…