An observation on blogging

I have been continuing to slowly work on getting my blog posts moved over into the website so that I can have them printed into books.  While the website has a program that is very helpful in the process of creating the book, there is still a lot of adjusting, placing the photos in the correct places, changing the layouts a bit to make it just right, etc.  I have finished formatting for the years 2009 and 2010 and am partially through 2011.  After 2012, I think that everything can probably all be put it in one book--I maybe blogged 10-15 times throughout 2015.  I have been amazed at how much I have forgotten and am thankful that I blogged through those years.  Today, I have been working on creating a book from 2007-2008 from a Word document that I had copied and pasted the entries from a blog that we maintained through Apple's old blogging service.  I am a little sad because for some reason, my blog entries start mid-July 2007 and I think that the rest of those entries are just lost because of the way that their service worked.

What I am discovering is that since the beginning of my blogging, I have consistently not blogged consistently--did you follow that? And, in addition, I have apologized profusely for my lack of consistency and then proceeded to continue the same pattern.

This is what I have discovered:  this ol' blog was originally designed to keep in touch with people through treatment.  There were so many people who followed our story and prayed so faithfully for us and it was a way for me to communicate with them and to 'process' somewhat through writing all the emotions and difficulty of the transitions that we were going through.  In that Word document from my blog entries from treatment time, I actually have the comments copied in.  I decided to go ahead and include them in my printed book because they are precious reminders to me of the incredible number of people who prayed us through such a difficult time.

I kept blogging because I started taking photos and I had some incredibly cute little boys and I wanted a place to share photos and tell stories.

I stopped (for the most part) blogging because life got incredibly busy and because I didn't quite know how to 'process' out loud anymore. Looking back now, I can see how I was and have been struggling to know how to keep it all (whatever all is) together and write fun happy blog posts or even work through the 'non-fun' and 'not quite happy' when all of my emotional energy was just spent.  Looking back, I am seeing the toll that the last several years have taken....please don't read anything into that, it is just to say when life is tough, there is never not a 'cost'.  In some ways, it is just that we have been learning how to navigate life--a task that has sometimes asked more from me that I ever imagined.

I think that I am going to continue blogging because it is a good and fairly easy way to document our life, because I like to have a place to write occasionally, because I like to read about my sister's blog and see her pictures and read her stories and I assume my family would like to do the same, and because the boys love to go back and read about what they did or said (and let's face it, I am probably not going to remember).  I want a place where I can tell the funny and silly stories, share the cute pictures (if 10 year olds can still take cute pictures), and also record the good things that God continues to satisfy my years with.  He is faithful and He is good and I don't ever want to not remember.

Goodness, look at these little boys:

They sure have changed a bit, haven't they?


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