Golden Birthday

I did not know that there was a special term for having a birthday where you turn the age of the day of your birthday.  For example, the boys were born on the 10th and since they turn 10 this year, this is their golden birthday.

For the last few months, we have been talking about their birthday and what we could do.  Micah really wanted to have a marathon of watching Lord of the Rings with them since they are his favorite movies and he has been waiting for the boys to be a bit older before letting them watch the movies.  But, having a dad that is working long hours including nights the weekend of your birthday and having your birthday on a Sunday kind of hampers that plan a bit.  So, they got an early start and have been working on the movies since January 1.  The boys (all three of them) are loving it.  In fact, as I type this, they are finishing up the last movie in the other room--which I can hear quite loudly since these movies are evidently made to be watched in surround sound.
I can hardly believe that these two little stinkers are double digits today:

Last night as they were going to bed, I was telling them the story of what I was doing 10 years ago last night (having tacos at the Warrens and then spending a miserable night without sleep).  They asked me if I would give them a piggy back to bed since it had been a while and of course, I obliged, since it would be the last time that I could give my 9 year old boys a piggy back ride and who knows if they will have outgrown me by their next birthday and I will be totally unable to.

Xavier takes great pride in being the 'oldest' by 30 seconds....he loves to read, sings with all his heart, has a need to dance if he hears a beat, loves to please, melts my heart with his quick winks and is oh so quick to give a comforting hug at any moment he thinks I am in need of it.

William is his own person, he loves to read, to draw and to create, has a heart tender toward God and can bring out a spiritual application to almost every situation, he is hilarious and does most things with a willing heart and an encouraging spirit.  

These two love each other so much (although I do foresee some brotherly discord in our future) and immediately take this pose when asked for a picture.  It's their "classic" pose, they say.  I am so incredibly thankful for an entire decade of being their mama.  I can't hardly even imagine where the next decade is going to take us.  I can tell you this prayer for these two is that they continue to hold God close to their hearts, to follow hard after His will, to hide His Word in their hearts and to trust His plan for their good.  

My sweet babies are ten--I know they aren't really babies anymore, but I think I will always call them that.


Tia Dunaway said…
What sweet boys you have Becky, may God grant you more precious moments in the next decade!
Norman said…
Hello to the ten year olds! What a blessing they are, as are all of our great grand kids! Wish we lived closer to each one. (As well as our grandkids!) But we are blessed with modern technology, hey!
I can't believe your boys are ten! Hoping they had a very, very happy day!

{I've also been enjoying reading your posts, I'm glad you are back!} :)

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