Happy New Year

Since Micah just finished up a month of nights in the ICU yesterday morning, he didn't really ring in the New Year with the boys and I--choosing instead to try to get his body back on the right track for sleeping during the night time hours.  But, the boys and I managed to stay up until the first minutes of 2016.


Micah had planned to take them to see the new Star Wars movie but when they went to our small theater in town discovered that the only seats available for that showing were in the front row. So, they chose to come home and he introduced the boys to the first Lord of the Rings movie which they were thrilled to see since they have heard Micah talk about these movies for their entire lives.  I contented myself to half watch while continuing to work on my blog book project.  (side note: back in 2011, I was counting gas at $2.95 a gallon as a gratitude....that made me even more thankful today when I noticed that it is down to $1.48/gallon now).  

After Micah went to bed, the boys and I played a game called Puerto Rico that I hadn't played in a very long time and they had never played. It is definitely a bonus about having older kids who can understand and enjoy playing some more complicated games--although my parents and Melissa and Brian might disagree after enduring a couple rounds of the game BANG! that is more than a little complicated--especially when you are attempting to learn this on Christmas Eve night when your kiddos are just a tad keyed up..... We watched a couple of episodes of Fixer Upper and an old Full House and that finally brought us to the final minutes before midnight.

Today, we made our annual visit to the mall with all the other crazies in town, but Micah did manage to spend some of his Christmas money.  Then, we all went and saw Star Wars this afternoon.  I even enjoyed the movie, but I really loved getting glimpses of the boys totally freaking out over the appearances of many of their favorite characters.  

I was talking to Micah last night about saying goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016.  In lots of ways, 2015 was the most challenging year of work for Micah bookended by months of ICU nights in January and December--throw in some other really difficult rotations and a bout with mono and we decided that yes, we are ready to say goodbye to 2015 and we are looking forward to the changes that 2016 will bring.


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