Snapshot #4

Outside my window:  Some beautiful sunshine after a fairly dreary day. It is pretty, but definitely a cold day outside.  Of course, when I arrived to pick up the boys from school, I found them standing holding their winter coats instead of wearing them....

I am thinking: about the sermon from our church yesterday by Tommy Swindoll from our Nashville church on John 3:30 ( He must increase, but I must decrease).  I wrote this quote down: "When Jesus becomes more and I become less, my purpose and my joy increase."  That idea seems to be coming at me in several ways recently and it is resonating with me and calling me to work that out in my daily life.

I am thankful for: this medium (blogging) for remembering.  It is a relatively easy and reading through past entries has been good perspective (wow, I sure did talk a lot about how tiring parenting small children was and how regularly or not i was blogging) but it also has been good reminders of God's faithfulness and our family's story.

I am wondering:  how long I can keep it up this time :)

Last 3 purchases:  a new pair of tennis shoes, Q & A a day for Moms, a purse--thanks to some Christmas cash

Dinner plans:  the boys are on their own with leftovers, I have a meeting at a local restaurant

Future plans I'm looking forward to: visiting some dear friends in Arizona next weekend

Kid funny: Some friends had tickets to the Monster Jam show in Tulsa on Saturday night and offered their tickets to us when they were going to be out of town.  We didn't really know what to expect, but it was pleasantly a very fun experience and very family friendly.  When we got home, I asked the boys if they liked it.  Xavier very exuberantly says, "I didn't like it......I LOVED it!!"  They were quite enthusiastic.

I am reading:  Trinity Six by Charles Cummings, although only being a few pages into it may not really be considered reading. I have struggled of late concentrating long enough to read.

In the kitchen:  still trying to finish up the last of the Christmas cookies and homemade chex mix....I am probably going to have a little snack in a bit.

Watching: Thunder Basketball and looking forward to American Idol and Downton Abbey

On my frequent playlist: We listened to Needtobreathe Holiday and Pentatonix Holiday stations on Pandora through the month of December. I don't have a favorite song or CD I have been listening to lately, but more podcasts...getting caught up on Serial Season 2, the Slate Serial Spoiler Podcast, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, and the BigBoo Cast.

Snacking on: Chex Mix and Christmas cookies

Rest-of-the-day-plans: the first Monday of the month is our local cancer support group and I have been trying to get back in the habit of going.  We have been having over 20 women each month and it is a lot to take in sometimes, but I love seeing women take comfort in seeing and hearing that they are not alone.

And a picture--I had a hard time getting both boys in focus...but I got cracked up when I walked in to see the boys reading like this:


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